How to be Productive at Home on a Snowy Day

Snowy days are cozy days. These days are a great excuse to stay in, besides, it’s stressful to drive in the snow! These are times when all we want to do is sleep in, and stay in our pajamas.

Although you may be inside all day, you can best of your time, while you’re home.

  1. Do laundry: You have time! Put loads in the wash while you tackle other things throughout the day. Time to restock your underwear and bras!
  2. Catch Up: Get out your pile of magazines you’ve needed to read, a book that’s collected dust on your nightstand, and show them some love! Don’t forget to watch some TV premiers and catch up on the lasted seasons of TV (Teen Wolf, PLL, Shadowhunters).
  3. Tidy Up: Tackle the mountains of clothes in your room, file papers that have cluttered your desk. You may think, “Ugh! Clean on my day in?!”, yes, trust me, you’ll wake up to a clean space, and thank yourself.
  4. Code!: Practice makes perfect, so if you find yourself bored out of your mind, work on amplifying your coding skills and complete some coding exercises. there are a lot of tutorials online, if you’d like to explore an new language, or brush up on old ones.

Enjoy these crisp winter days! The snow, keeping you home, can work to your advantage.



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