Pensive Gemini

If your birthday is between May 20th and June 20th then your Zodiac sign is a Gemini. I am a Gemini. As our element air suggests, we are notorious for being two-faced, known as outgoing introverts.

Geminis find humor in everything. We tend to come off as flirtatious, we love it, but it can be dangerously misleading. We long to have heart to heart, Pensive, conversations because they spark understanding, and prevent us from being mentally alone.

Ironically, we live to sugar coat our countless adventures, but we are intolerant of people who beat around the bush. We love spontaneity, while a tedious lifestyle makes us retreat into our emotionally clouded minds.

Looking to impress or catch a Gemini’s eye? We romantically search for people with similar interests, witty, requite love and return respect. We stray away from people who are judgmental, clingy, needy, and pessimistic.

We may be two-faced, but once you have a Gemini by your side, we will remain loyal, and continuously prove to be a wonderful friend.


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