To My Pre-Molded Self,

If I could deliver a letter to my past, I would send it to my 15 year old self. I’d tell her to say what she feels. Not to tolerate people taking advantage of her while she gets hurt. Don’t take AP Physics and Honors Chemistry. Do what you FREAKIN’ LOVE! Take Honors English, and AP English! Audition to be in the choir. Take guitar class, and drawing class all four years of high school. Enjoy yourself, have fun. Find friends, and don’t give up on them, even if they seam far from you. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should do, what you should study, what classes to take, how you should dress, and how you act, even if your parents tell you otherwise. You know that gut feeling you get ALL the time? LISTEN TO IT! It’s always right!

Pursue singing, make a YouTube channel, no matter what your parents think. You are independent, don’t let others make your decisions for you. You know that path you’re being shoved on? The mold you’re being smashed into? I know it doesn’t feel right, I’ve been struggling in it for almost 21 years! Take this is from your future lost self… leave the path. It’s OK. You’ll be able to breathe, no more heartburn. You may disappoint family now, but you will be the best at what you love to do, and in time they will realize how amazing you are and finally be proud. Fight their many attempts to change your career choices. Remind yourself that you’d rather be doing what you love. You will be happy as long as you enjoy what knowledge you have, you will excel succeed in your own way.

Don’t commute to college. Apply to those amazing schools that are far away. Don’t be afraid to go, even if your parents beg you not to leave their hawk guarded nest. They worry you will stray of their safe predestined path. They shouldn’t be holding you down. That path is not your destiny. If they really care about your happiness, and put their own judgements aside, they will support you. At this point, you have the means. You hear a calling? LISTEN TO IT!


your future true self


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