My Friends are Family

“Dessert is readyyyy!” Finally, the best part of a family get-together. As the others and I scurried up the basement stairs, all I thought was “If only this was a surprise…”

At the top of the stairs I saw balloons hugging the ceiling, “could it be?” I look about to see that everyone had gathered around, and a cake had been set in front of me, with candles lit, when the singing began.

“Happy Birthday to you…

 Joyeux Anniversaire…(French)

Sana helwa ya gamil…(Lebanese)”.

This is tradition for my family, to sing all the versions of celebratory songs that we know. After which, a bottle of champagne was shoved in my hand. Mind you, I hadn’t cut the cake nor blown the candles out. That didn’t happen before everyone made their rounds congratulating me and taking pictures with me. Man, I felt the love 🙂

I’m the last of the young adults in my family/friends to turn 21. Everyone, including me, has been anxiously waiting for this day. They couldn’t wait any longer. The champagne was gone minutes after it was burst open. All the guys chanting “Chug Chug Chug!” I took a sip, and posed for all the cameras as I fakingly took a swig straight from the bottle.

As everyone was cheering and graciously loading up their plates with dessert, I realized something.

Although my family, by blood, lives on the other side of the world, the friends that I’ve made where I’ve grown up, will always be considered family in my heart. ❤



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