Moonlight In Your Hands

Home, in bed. Not tired yet, still jittery from the day’s adventures. I crack open the laptop on my lap to watch the latest episode of CW Reign. I catch a blink of light in the dark. A text. It’s late at night, who is this- him.

“Back door”

I didn’t think I’d ever hear from him again, let alone see him.

Crap. That’s what I looked like. But it doesn’t matter. If his feelings for me are still as true, as he once proclaimed, then he won’t mind. He may in fact be pleasantly surprised.

I wish I lived alone. But it’s summer, money is tight and my parents don’t mind me being home. They think I’ll be safe in their back pocket.

I sit up in bed, on the floor beside me, my Hello Kitty slippers taunt. Giving into what I may later regret, I slip them on and pull my fuzzy robe up around my shoulders.

With success I reach the back door without waking anyone. I take a peep out the door’s small window.

It was him, I wasn’t dreaming. Take a deep breath. What the hell was he doing here? Especially after how we left things so long ago.

After I unlock the door, I notice my hands tremble as I turn the knob. The cool night breeze caresses my bare legs.

“Hey, thought you’d never come down.”

I was taken aback. He was dressed up more than his usual attire. Wearing a crisp fitted, buttoned down shirt. The sleeves a bit rolled up, they outlined his sculpted arms. The arms of the man that used to hold and protect me. He hadn’t changed.

Even with the lights out, his blue eyes, the same ones that lulled me long ago,  glistened against the night sky. They were my favorite feature about him. They were glazed over with longing and lost.

“It’s been a tough year for me, and even though we are just friends now, I knew you have always dreamed of this moment before. Even if you’ve dreamt it with someone different in mind, I wanted to make it come true for you.”

He held out a delicate red rose. He knew I was a sucker for romantic things, especially flowers. I hadn’t been seeing anyone since we called a quits, but I knew he had. Why is telling me this now?

My gut was telling me that our chapter wasn’t over. I reached out- it had only just begun.


This story was inspired by the song Moonlight by Ariana Grande, off of my many Playlists.

What do you think of the story?



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