Saturday Morning Mind

Saturday morning. Time for a run.

Crap. Fitbit battery dead. I’ll charge it while I get ready.

Puma leggings, free university t-shirt “Music Fest ’16”. No point in trying to look put together eh?

Black leopard print Nike running shoes. Beats headphones in. Walk into the bathroom, no need to wash face, I’m going to sweat anyways. Head downstairs.

Crank up my Empower Playlist.

Grab Camelback. Ugh so heavy to lug while I’m out!

Unlock the door. Something missing… Fitbit!

Drop everything, run upstairs.

Reach over for Fitbit, realize how many steps were unaccounted for, ugh…

Gotta get a head start on the Weekend Warrior challenge!

Skipping down the steps 2 at a time, head to the front door.

Jogging, passing the mailbox, head around the block.

I’m gonna eat some pancakes when I get back. Yup, gotta treat my self.

A short story by me. Have you had similar mornings? Share in the comments.




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