Better In Summer Rather Than Never

3190“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald



A great quote to start off today’s post. Even though it’s felt like it for the past few weeks, today is the first day of summer! Summer gets on my mind from the first site of morning dew blanketing the lawn.

School is out, parks are revived, pools are refilled, and ice cream shops wade with open arms, to those who venture for a delicious way, to escape the summer heat.

As Fitz so cleverly stated, summer marks the beginning of the next chapter of one’s life. One may argue that New Year is when a chapters starts, but for students, summer is the new slate. We put the last school year behind us and enjoy the days of sleeping and frantic-less mornings.

Vacations are planned and anticipated. Cars chug through cross country road trips. Airports fill up with tourists along side the usual business affairs.

Summer is when I re cope, mentally and physical. Along the course of the school year, I become restlessly unbalanced and weighed down with worries of the future. A head that has lived in text books eventually needs to be re grounded to reality.

Here’s what I look forward to accomplish this summer:

  • Watch America’s Got Talent
  • Complete my summer reading goal of 10-15 books(Here’s my list)
  • Continue posting wonderful content to Just Geekly Fabulous
  • Test out new recipes, especially more alkaline ones(My recipes)
  • Review and edit my resume and LinkedIn
  • Watch TV shows with friends and have discussions over coffee
  • Attend free yoga courses every Monday
  • Discover and attend free events in the area

As I’ve mentioned at our first Coffee Date I look forward to traveling this summer, especially returning to Lebanon for a month.

What does summer mean to you? Work, or travel… both? I’ll respond to the thoughts left in the comments!




6 thoughts on “Better In Summer Rather Than Never

  1. gmmrs says:

    Summer is my busy season at work since I forecast for the southern states and its active every day with thunderstorms. So that means daily stress and aggravation haha, literally its like that though today its quiet there so its not too bad. Those not too bad days are few and far between until September so I savor those. It carries over into my personal life too which I do try to have fun and destress but when I know its going to be bad its hard to let go. I care too much ya know! But I do have things to look forward to. My Braves are coming up here at the end of next month so I plan on going to at least one of those games. Even though we’re absolutely terrible I still root my team on and will be in my Braves gear and cheering them on. State fair is coming up at the end of August and that’s a highlight because of all of the great food and I have my list of foods of what I usually get. Now I get an email on a cruise outing in late August too, that could be fun. Then my birthday rounds out the Summer in mid-September and I always look forward to that. So despite the craziness and demands on me on a daily basis this Summer there’s events to look forward to. Of course its not all bad, when I nail a forecast I get all hype but gotta erase that from my mind and move on to the next challenge. Same for blowing a forecast, have to have a short memory and move on. Work unfortunately consumes a lot of my life haha.


    • justgeeklyfab says:

      Work does seem to take a large priority of your life. But it’s good to see that you are aware of that and plan other adventures too. I love food events. They are the best places to get some unique delicious food. That cruise you mentioned sounds like a good idea, if you’re looking for de stressing.
      Forecasting is a tough job! You have to have a open mind and be able to take a hit without faltering your pride/confidence. It seems like you’ve conquered that! Good!
      As always, thanks for reading!

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  2. aheartyjourney says:

    I miss my care free summers. My step-daughter is out for the summer and I wish I could sit at home with her instead of go to work. But I have to agree with you, there is just something about summer that is magical, and you can definitely start over. It’s the perfect time too! Plus I alway have more energy in the summer with the extra hours of sunlight.

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    • justgeeklyfab says:

      Yes that extra hour of sunlight is a blessing! It makes a huge difference! You can plan things for later in the day and not feel as tired as you’d be in the winter with the long dark nights.
      Thanks for reading!


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