To My First Significant Other

No matter the time that goes by, I will always remember our time together. I don’t regret any of our actions. Everything played out just as it should have. The experience I gained with you has helped grow and discover what I want in a relationship. And I hope I have done the same for you.

I wish you were my last relationship. That things worked out and we were still together. But we both were incomplete, and at different places in life. All the feelings I felt for you were true. Our affection for each other was undeniable and envied. I hope you become stronger and true to yourself.

You saw yourself in a different light than I did. I saw all your potential that you denied, and all the talent you’ve yet to realize you have. You were my best friend. We told each other things that no one else knows. I want you to grow into the wonderful man I know you’ll be. Kind, considerate, humorous, and adventurous. But remain humble.

I knew that when I ended things, our relationship would never be the same again. That is what I feared most we you first expressed your feelings for me, and I, in return expressed the same ones. I feared that I would be the best friend who broke your heart, and sadly, I am.

I always think of what I could have done, what could have been different. but it just wasn’t meant to be. Truth is, we had a great bond, and I didn’t think I was ready. But you pushed my out of my bubble and loved me for who I was. Maybe if we had waited, things would have been different. But those hazel blue eyes of yours are what swept me away, and your strong embrace is what made me feel safe. How can I know what love feels like if I don’t give it a chance? I’m happy I gave us a chance. I can’t wait to find someone who will make me feel that way again. I wish all the same for you.

Who knows? Maybe God has our paths crossing again. He does work in mysterious ways…

A true letter.


Leave you thoughts in a comment. I’d love to read them.


8 thoughts on “To My First Significant Other

      • gmmrs says:

        Nice post. Did you get intimate with him? Just wondering how romantic it got because this was/is someone you care about, still think about. It left it’s mark on your heart. I feel you though on loving someone enough to let them go. I’ve been there. It’s rough but necessary.

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      • justgeeklyfab says:

        By intimacy, I’m assuming you meant sleep together, which, no we didn’t. But we still showed a lot of affection for each other. He knew I wanted to take things slow because it was my first relationship. He wanted me to feel safe and not pressured into doing anything I wasn’t comfortable doing. That’s something I miss. I used to think about him every day, but it’s dwindled a bit recently (its’ been more than a year).
        I think it’s helped that he’s moved on. To see him happy, makes me happy, not envious. Well, at first I was a bit hurt, but after a couple weeks it got better.
        I agree with what you said about letting go. It is necessary at times. In this case it was. I think there will always be a mark on my heart, but who knows what will happen when I meet someone new. (hopefully) XD
        Thank you for your feedback and considerate thoughts! It’s always nice talking to you!

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  1. gmmrs says:

    You are so nice to me thank you for the kind words! I so enjoy all of your blogs and corresponding with you as well!

    The guy sounds like a great one to have for your first relationship. Kind of reaffirms how love with someone should be right? Because I bet often people’s first relationships aren’t so nice and they may be memorable but for unhealthy reasons. But that’s great that he was like that to you. You deserve to be treated like the best and respected.

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