Coffe Date #2

If we were getting coffee…

I’d be fidgeting in my seat because it’s Friday!

Welcome back to another coffee date with me! Last Friday, when I posted Coffee Date, it got a lot of love. So I thought it should be a regular thing.

Sit down and have a coffee with me!

My brother came back from his high school, senior trip yesterday. He went to Germany, Venice and other places in Europe. Let’s just say, I was extremely jealous. But I’m so happy he ended up going! 60 students went from his high school. I followed their adventures from home, through Snapchat and Instagram. They had a blast! I’m relieved they came back in one piece.

Other than that, I only have four days left of work. I took off the first week of July because that’s right before I go to Lebanon! I’ll have to start packing and cleaning the house. Surprisingly my mother hasn’t started freaking out yet. She usually goes full out clean freak/packing mode a few days before we leave.

I’m excited to start vlogging! I think I’m going to be using my iPhone 6s for most of the footage. It’s the easiest platform to use overseas, plus it’s easy access to posting it here!

One of my best friends has been studying abroad in Australia this past semester, and she is finally coming home in a week! I can’t wait to see her and catch up a bit before I leave! It’s crazy to think that I haven’t seen her in about 5 months, and I’ll only see her for a couple days before I’m gone for a month!

Australia, Scotland

I have a small group of bffs my age. We have known each other since elementary school. Including the girl I just mentioned, plus me, in addition to two other girls. Whom are currently studying abroad, in Scotland for the month of June. I won’t see them till I get back in August because they return to the States a day after I leave.(sad face)

This weekend I’m attending a wedding and a graduation party. Then I’m going to try out some new recipes for cake in a mug from Baking With Jim, and watch the Reign season Finale. Team Mary, Queen of Scots!


Queen Mary on CW’s Reign

What are you up to this weekend?

-Thxoxoxo, H


5 thoughts on “Coffe Date #2

  1. Michelle | michwanderlust says:

    The coffee pictures are amazing (I just checked out your previous Coffee Date post)! I’m not a coffee person but I’ll join you with a cuppa tea.. A wedding and a graduation party – sounds like a busy weekend! Me, I’m just going to chill, drink more tea, have a dim sum buffet and work on the 1001 things on my to-do list =X

    Liked by 1 person

    • justgeeklyfab says:

      Thank you!! Sounds like you have a relaxing weekend ahead of you. Enjoy! I like tea too, no worries, all caffeine is welcome, hahaha, my favorite is peppermint tea. As Louisa, in Me Before You, would say, anything can be cured with a good cup of tea ❤
      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. aheartyjourney says:

    I have a busy weekend. I’m going to a food truck festival tomorrow (trying to find healthy options is going to be hard I just know it!) and then I have a concert Sunday night! I went to Venice when I was a junior in high school. I’m glad they had a good time!

    Liked by 1 person

      • aheartyjourney says:

        Andrew McMahon … Panic and the Disco… And Weezer. It’s my step daughters first concert and she’s excited about panic at the disco. I’ve been listening to Andrew McMahon since I was like 14 so I’m pretty excited as well. I love food trucks .. I would love to have one.


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