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My time as a blogger has tested my patience and creativity. So far, I’m am loving WordPress and blogging everyday. I hope you all enjoy my material as much as I love to write about it.

When I first started blogging on WordPress, I hadn’t known about Blogging University. , my posts were simple and had potential, but were lacking in technical details. Those of which have helped to know ahead of time.

So over the course of posting on my blog everyday, I have made a checklist of what each of my posts/pages should have. I thought it would be resourceful to new blogger out there, or even experienced ones, please leave addition input in the comments!

1. Within the body of a post/page:

    1. “read more” break
      • This is where a “read more” link pops up. You use it if you don’t want your whole post to be shown while in a reel of other posts.
    2. Add link and quotes, with pictures!  Use the block quote button in the Visual tab. it’s to the right of the link button. You want your post to appeal to your readers. Give a face to the quote.
    3. End with signature goodbye. Mine is -Thxoxoxo, H. You want to give some consistency to your readers. A format they can recognize as your own, part of your blog identity.

2. Chose a Post Format:

  • I only use the standard format. But there are other options under you post editor > Post Format.

3. Title it!

  • Pick a title that stops your readers from scrolling past your post. This is where you can be mysterious. You want readers to want to click and read for more!

4. Categories & Tags:

  • These are a good way of organizing your writings. That way readers can search for a specific topic and be presented with posts accordingly. If your theme supports it, you can even organize your menu with categories, My Site> Menus> Add New Item> on the left click, Categories.

5.Sharing is caring:

  • This is a tab on the left of the post editor, underneath Featured Image. If you have a social media account linked to your blog, you can directly set up a message to post on that platform when you post is published. I use this feature with my twitter account @justgeeklyfab . If you want to add a social media account link to your blog just click the Connect to a new service link in the Sharing tab.

6. Excerpt:

  • This feature is under the More Options tab of the blog post editor. When you click More Options there will be a bow for your SLUG and a box for your EXCERPT. In the excerpt box you can write a snippet of your post, so that readers will only see that chunk before they are offered to read more by clicking on the post. An excerpt has a similar function as the “read more” break.

7.Featured Image:

  • This image is what your post/page is paired with. Along with the title and the excerpt, this bundle is what your readers first see. I like to pic high quality featured images, something that connects with the body of the post, but doesn’t give too much away form the content.

8. Allow comments/pingbacks:

  • These two options are under the More Options tab on the left side of the post editor.
  • Pingbacks let other sites post a link back to your post.
  • Comments are a fantastic way to receive feedback and connect with your audience. There are real people reading your words, get to know them as they are getting to know you. Don’t be afraid to reply to comments. I do all the time. Even a simple “Thanks for reading” is a great reply to show your appreciation to your readers.

What do you think of this list? Was it helpful? If you have more tips, leave them in the comments!

-Thxoxoxo, H


5 thoughts on “Blog Post Accessories

  1. Dom says:

    remarkable post for a newborn blogger like me! Thank you so much. I am a self-taught blogger… as soon as I have got some time (in Winter for sure) I think I will attend the Blogging University

    Liked by 1 person

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