June Favorites

Here’s what I enjoyed during the month of June!

TV Shows

  • lost-girl-characters-wallpaperLost Girl-I was recommended this show earlier in the month, and I’ve been binge watching it ever since. It’s about a woman with lust induced abilities that control her life. The only way she can find answers is to find out what happened to her parents, whom abandoned her when she was just a baby. A mature, thrilling, action packed, seductive show.


  • Me Before You-I have been waiting so long to see this movie. I hadn’t heard of it until I started seeing commercials about it. Then I got the book off Amazon and had to read it before the movie came out.




  • The New Astrology by Suzanne White-by using the astrology sign and the Chinese sign, you can read a description of your personality, compatibility, profession, family and love life will be/are like. Suggested by a very well known, comedic, lifestyle YouTuber, Grace Helbeg, check out her videos here





  • Ariana Grande’s latest album Dangerous Woman. My favorite song from the album is Greedy. If you haven’t noticed before, this album has inspired many of my recent posts on my blog. It’s more mature than her other albums. She has definitely showcased her talent in new and more alluring ways in this album. Her voice is so unique. Many people claim that it’s hard to understand her singing her lyrics at times, but other than that, the album is addicting and full of good vibes.


Video Game

  • Lara Croft Temple of Osiris, Xbox One. This game is four players. Which is one of the main reasons my brother has it, so him, my other brother and I can all play together. You work together with one player as Lara Croft to defeat enemies in pursuit of collecting the pieces of Osiris’ statue that has been destroyed.

Along the way you collect gems as currency, as use them to purchase chests with secret treasures. Many of which are new weapons and skills. The more expensive the chest, the more rare the object it holds.

The graphics are good, not animated as Battleborn. It reminds me a bit of Star Fox adventures for GameCube. But amazing graphics. Also available for PS4!


  • YETI Tumbler- A gift from my birthday, it’s a bit heavy but high quality and keeps liquid their temperature for a long time. It also fits perfectly in my car’s cup holder! Very hefty, and a great companion for anything form work to tailgating.




  • Clear Speck iPhone 6s case- Great quality, shows off my rose gold phone. It’s pretty difficult to take off. But I watched a couple videos on YouTube, and managed just fine. It has more of a hard back then expected. But it is exactly like the colored version you see on many others’ phones, but completely clear. The buttons do yellow a bit over time, but with a wipe, it cleans back to clear. Highly recommend.



What things did you enjoy this month? Anything in common? Comment below!

-Thxoxoxox, H


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