Coffee Date #3

If were having coffee…

I’d be sipping a light caramel frappuccino, as I’d tell you that I’m currently on a diet before going to Lebanon in a week!

Today is my official day off real summer. One could say that I’ve been on summer break since the semester ended in May, but I went straight to working.

I’m planing to do some shopping this weekend for some last bits I need for the trip. My friend has returned from Australia! I had dinner with her last night. We did some major catching up over some dinner at Olive Garden! She has been all over Australia. One of the places she mentioned was Bondi beach…


What stuck out to me about his place, is not only the infinite pool, bu the fact that many famous travel vloggers have been there, like @samevanslife and @rochelle_fox. It’s one of the many places on my travel list.

What are your plans this weekend? Anything for The Fourth of July?

-Thxoxoxoxo, Hana


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