YouTube Inspiration

While waiting for my vlog to upload, I thought I’d tell you who inspires me the most when it comes to filming.

Lifestyle: Zoe Sugg, A.K.A Zoella

10549028_698484706854615_3311221824847173427_oZoe is one of the most successful British YouTubers. Her channel is what roped me into watching YouTube. All around, she has a great personality. She’s extremely relatable and a famous role model. People mistake her for being perfect, but she remains humble. As she faces anxiety, she always reminds her viewers that what she films are majority of her happy times. She still has slow/bad days, just like everyone else. And the fact that she acknowledges this, makes her more admirable.

Travel: Louis Cole A.K.A Fun For Louis

living-the-adventureLouis is truly an inspiration. His vlogs are what inspired me to vlog my trip to Lebanon. He goes on so many adventures around the world. Many places he visits, I had never heard of. He is indirectly raising awareness for all those countries. His videos have great quality. They are lovely to watch. You feel as if you are there with him, in his VW Camper. When he lets his dreads loose, all you want to do is crank up the tunes and dance with him and his travel buddies.

Adventure: Sam Evans, A.K.A Sam Evans Life

b4dscl2vSam is a new YouTuber from Australia. He is young and very into cinematics. His vlogs have lovely edits. He has traveled with Louis, which is how I learned about his channel. He’s wild and reckless. He lives each day at a time, and enjoys every minute of it. Louis and him always let their hair loose and hand bang to the music they blast from their car. Sam is in his early twenties and has l started traveling the world like an expert. I guess he’s been learning from the best.


Comedy: Grace Helbig

nup_167289_1192Grace is a true American comedian. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks as long as her opinions are heard. She isn’t rude, per say, she makes note of when she goes too far and acknowledges many controversial topics in her videos. She has talked about life decisions, college, periods, relationships, sex, living by yourself, and many other topics. Although she’s been famous for a while, her personality hasn’t changed. She is hilarious and loves to laugh with people.

Vlogger: Alfie Dayes, A.K.A Pointless Blog

gallery_showbiz-alfie-deyes-september-2015Current boyfriend of Zoe Sugg, Alfie is a 21-year-old British YouTuber. He is adored for his unique laugh and spontaneous trips around Brighton. His message is to love yourself no matter what others say. He adores his pug Nala, and sells his own merchandise. He is a oevrall very relatable guy, who films his everyday life, and seems to capture views from all over the world. He has recently been invited to meet the Queen of England, as she commenced a leadership meetup with many young leaders from all over the world.




Mini-series: Fine Bros

fine-brothers-0-0This channel is hilarious. In a sense, it’s similar to America’s Home Funniest Videos. Two brothers manage a channel, where they bring in different groups of people and film their reactions to different things. They film kids, elders, adults, and famous people/YouTubers. Their guests react to videogames, food, music videos, movies, viral videos, and news. It’s interesting to watch the reactions of so many different people, and compare my thoughts to theirs. Their editing is high quality too, it’s as if you’re watching TV.

Do you watch YouTube? Excited for my vlogs?! Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for being patient since I’ve been traveling and getting accustomed to blogging in Lebanon. It’s a bit of a struggle, but I’ll try my best to make it work!

Just Geekly Fab on YouTube

-Thxoxoxoxo, H


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