Coffee Date #5

If we met up for coffee…

We would talk about what lovely weeks we’ve had. While the weather back home has been bipolar recently, here in Lebanon, it’s been hot and humid. Summer weather.

This week was my first week here in Lebanon, and I was busy almost every day! One day I celebrated my cousin’s first communion. The next day I went to the beach. Another day I hung out with my cousin and a friend at the mall and we watched Tarzan. Yesterday my family and I watched the Jounieh Fireworks which celebrate the begining of the summer festvials.

Today I went back to the beach that I went to on Tuesday, Loco beach resort. It was so much fun! Just me and my cousin this time, we got our tan on! We chatted with this older guy at the pool, who ended up being a interior designer like my cousin, and after he left, we recived some mohitos… They were from him! So nice of him! I guess he liked what he saw. Haha.

Later on I’ll be at a dinner, and this weekend I’m not sure what my plans are, I may go out on sunday with some of my friends. I’ve missed them so much, I hope I see them all soon!

I started reading a new book called Everything Everything  by Nicola Yoon, I belive it is part of Zoe Sugg’s (Zoella) book club. So far, it’s ok, it’s about a girl who is alergic to the world. She has just turned 18 and she has never set a foot outside her house. But a new family has moved into the house next to her. She has already secretly been wathcing them and memorizing their sceduels because she has nothing better to do. The last scene I read was her having dinner with her mother, when the doorbell rings, which apparently never happens. Turns out to be the new boy next dor with a bunt cake. But her mother can not accept the cake because her daughter can not be exposed to anything from outside.

Her mother doesn’t tell him, her situation. I guess it would be a bit awkward. I feel bad for her. But this is just the beggining of the story, who knows, maybe she will be free of her home one day.

So tell me, how was your week, and what are you planning for the weekend? Any fun adventures?

-Thxoxoxo, H


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