Loco Ladies

I found out what Bonita Bay was renamed to, Loco Resort! So I spent another day here with my cousin. It’s so nice! Loco Beach Resort is one of the few beaches that also has a pool. Everything is clean, there is good music and good food!

You can order food while sitting at the pool. There is also a restaurant that serves different food. Or you can eat on the beach.

The beach isn’t sand, it’s larger rocks. It kinda hurts to walk on the shore, if you don’t have good shoes. But there is a path way laid out to walk on. The umbrellas on the beach are so Hawaiian! They are made of straw and they sway, like the movies, in the wind.

If you arrive before 11am, admission is free. And on certain days, kids are not allowed at the pool. This is when older crowds enjoy a calmer swim.

There is a bar next to the pool, where they serve delicious drinks and cocktails. And there is a place for a DJ too. I’ve never been here at night, but I’m sure the sunset vibes are great!

Hope you enjoyed the second post about this beach! What have you been up to? Any fun summer adventures? Let me know in the comments.

-Thxoxoxo, H


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