The Fifth Wave

Warning! This is a movie review, thus, there are spoilers for people who haven’t yet seen this film! Continue reading at your own risk.

Great movie over all. It was a bit slow at first, and somewhat confusing because the main character Cassie, narrates scenes that had recently occurred. Then the movie speeds forward to current time where she is on her own, trying to find her tougher brother Sam. She ends up getting shot, and falls unconscious on an abandoned highway. We think she is dead, but she wakes up in a stranger’s home, hooked up to an IV, and her shot wound all patched up.

It seems like an older man walks in to check on her, but in reality it’s a 20 year old man, who has been caring for her for a week.

He reveals to her that he is half human and half Other, which is what they call the aliens that landed on Earth. His name is Evan, and agrees to help her find Sam.

After they spend a romantic evening together, they are ambushed. Cassie then leaves Evan in pursuit of finding Sam on her own. Once she gets to the, presumably safe, army base, she attacks the training officer, kills her, and ends up running into Ben, her crush from highschool.

Together they find Sam, run into Evan again, as he explains to them that he has chosen to protect humans, and has placed bombs all over the base, to destroy it once the kids have evacuated.

Evan leaves Cassie, Sam and Ben, to finish the destruction prep. As the three are running from the base, it explodes, and they jump into a truck with Ben’s AWOL squad and head to their makeshift safe camp. Leaving us and Cassie questioning whether Evan is still alive.

This is where the film ends, with the squad plus Cassie, eating dinner and prepping to make plans to save the rest of the kids, who apparently are unknowingly, being trained by the Other.

The Other have taken over the army and are using naive human children, to kill off he rest of the human survivors, by making them use helmets that falsely identify humans as aliens. When, in reality, they are humans. The trackers injected in them are what make their fellow soldiers look “human”. But they are in fact all human.

The question the movie leaves me with is, what happened to Evan? He told Cassie not to worry, that he will find her. But Cassie and the others got away on a truck! How is Evan going to find them?

Ive been told that there is going to be a sequel to this movie. I hope this is true! If so, then it has started out as a good series with huge cliffhangers!

I hope you enjoyed this movie review! Have you seen this movie? Have any suggestions? Leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to read and respond.

-Thxoxoxo, H


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