Coffee Date #6

If we met up for some coffee…

I’d tell you about all the adventure I went on this week while in Lebanon!

This is the end of my second week in Lebanon. It’s also the mid way point of my time here.

This past week I went on a couple adventures…


On Sunday I took my brother, who turned 18 in December, out with my friends and I. We went downtown to Beirut. Each street has its own name. First we were on Hamra street where we ate at Zataar W Zate, then had a round of drinks and played darts at Captains (a pub). After that we went to Broumana street and had another few rounds of drinks at a pub called Balima. Lastly, we returned to Zataar W Zeyt at 1am to eat Nutella and banana crepes. It was a very fun evening, and my brother had a blast!



On Tuesday I went with my cousins to a gem museum in Beirut and we walked around the streets near it. The museum is a year old, and it exhibits donations of precious stones from all over the world. I took so many pictures of the stones because 2 of my best friends are studying geology and I wanted to show them. I’m planning a post to talk more about this adventure, with more pictures.
IMG_1018Wednesday My family and I went to M3ad, which is a small town north of where we live. It is where the priest, of the church my family attends in America, lives. He is also visiting family her win Lebanon. So we all meet up with another group  of our friends that is visiting from America. We attended mass and then had lunch at the priest’s house. The weather was perfect. It wasn’t the usually hot and humid. Instead it was cool and windy. So, the teens and I went walking around the neighborhood and collected some Pokemon, on Pokemon Go!




Thursday night I went with two of my cousins to a wine tasting. It was in Surock, which is an area downtown. The wine was so good. My aunt is friends with the hosts. They were telling us the story of how they made their wine. A post about it, is in the works.




Friday me and my friends went on a trip to Tripoli. This is northern tip of Lebanon. We went to Rabbit Island. You may be wondering why it’s called Rabbit Island? A post about that and our adventure is already in the works.

So, there are a few posts to come this week about The trips I took this week. Be ready to read and see a lot of pictures! Want more updates? I’ve been posting pictures in my Instagram, @justgeeklyfabulous.

What do you think? Have a any questions? Let’s chat in the comments!

-Thxoxoxo, H


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