July Favorites 2016

Here’s what I’ve enjoyed during this hot and humid July in Lebanon!


1. Michael Kors Bag: I find this purse very versitile. It’s the perfect size so fit larger items, like a tablet, planner and notepad. Or a bunch of smaller items: wallet, camera, and makeup. The material is in between leather and plastic, so it doesn’t get dirty at all. It also has 4 support buttons on the bottom, so that if you put it on the ground then the bag doesn’t touch.

2. Steve Madden strappy beige sandals: These shoes are my “go to” when I go out. They have a stylish small heel and are super comfortable. They match all my outfits and have a summery vibe.

Body Care

3. The Body Shop, Pink Grapfruit Body Mist: I got this mist last year at the end of my trip to Lebanon. I kept it at my house in Lebanon so I wouldn’t have to lug mist with me this year. This mist is partially what I look forward to getting ready every morning. It’s very fresh and light. I feel that no matter how much I spray, it never gets overpowering.


4. Kindle Paperwhite: My kindle gets the most love whilst I’m in Lebanon, or traveling in general. So I’ve been reading all of my Summer Reads on my Kindle Paperwhite.

5. Small daily planner: I use this planner for evryday things plus blog scedueling. I got it from marshalls for $4!

6. Tumi Pen: I got this pen inside the complementary Tumi bag on the flight to Paris. The pen has an unsual casing, it’s square and matte. It writes very smoothly. It’s always in my purse, I love it!

How’s your summer been so far? We are more than half way through! Have you been loving anything in particular this month? Share your thoughts in the comments!

-Thxoxoxo, H


9 thoughts on “July Favorites 2016

  1. Joyce Ghali says:

    Does the mist still smell the same a whole year after you bought it? oh and I would love to read more about your favorite places that you’ve visited in Lebanon too!

    Liked by 1 person

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