Coffee Date #7

If we were chatting over some coffee…

I’d tell you about my third week in Lebanon. My whole trip has been pretty great so far. Fingers crossed it stays fun, and full of adventures!

So, this week was more chill than the week before. I went shopping more than anything else. Which I am totally happy with. I went to Zara, Stradivarius, and Berkshka.

It’s a bit alarming because the stores already got out their fall (season) collections. Why?! It’s still so hot outside! If you’d like me to post a shopping haul, just let me know in the comments!

So, other than shopping, I did go to Byblos (Jbeil) for dinner one night. Byblos is the oldest inhabited city in the world. It’s right on the water, towards northern Lebanon. It’s full of restaurants, pubs, clubs, shops, and churches.




Story time. After my family and I finished dinner, we decided to walk around Byblos before heading home. So it was around midnight and we were passing a street when my mom reminds me that Saint Aqualina has a church down the road.

Back home, at my parish, we recently built a chapel dedicated to Saint Aquilina, so my mom wanted us to visit the church and take pictures to show our friends back home. Outside the church, there is a new statue of Aquilina, she was relatively young when she passed away, you can read more about her here. Anyways, I stood next to the statue to take a picture when all of a sudden I hear a woman call my name from behind…


Saint Aquilina

Side note. Majority of my friends are from the Middle East, most of them from Lebanon, like me. And many families, including mine, also visit Lebanon during the summer. Currently I know about five families from home that currently here in Lebanon.

Back to the story. I turn around to find my hometown parish priest, my friend from home and her mom/church choir director. They were visiting Saint Aquilina too! It felt like a miracle. What are the chances that me and my family remembered the church was down that street, then decide to take a look, and run into people who live down the street from me back in America!

So we all were in shock, hugs all around, our priest told us a bit about what her knew about the church. We took some pictures and chatted some more. But what a coincidence! I think it is truly a miracle that we all bumped into each other! The timing and location are unbelievable. I think it was Saint Aquilina who mad this happen. The credit is hers.

After we said our goodbyes, I was talking to my mom and uncle, I said jokingly, “We have to call the Pope and tell him there was a miracle by Aquilina!”

So, that was the most adventurous thing I did this week. But next week is going to be full of touristy visits. I look forward to sharing it all with you!

Any wild things happen to you this week? Is it absurdly hot where you are? apparently a lot of countries are experiencing record-breaking heat waves. Let me know in the comments! Have a fantabulous weekend!

-Thxoxoxoxo, H



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