Coffee Date #8

Upon greeting you at a local coffee shop…

I’d call over the waiter to take our order, and then proceed to tell you about my last week here in Lebanon.

This week was full of adventures. My favorite being my two-day trip to Zahlé with my cousins.

Zahlé is the capital of the Beqaa valley, wich is only a mountain range away from Syria. Don’t worry, our visit was safe. People there are more for peace rather than more years of war. It’s an area where Christians and Muslims live amongst each other.


Map of Lebanon

When stayed at my cousin’s relative’s house. It is extremely old. So old, that each room has its separate quarters. A room for the kitchen, living room, and bedroom (where the only bathroom was). So, if you needed the toilet you had to walk out side, over to the bedroom quarter. The house is basically a few smaller “houses” or sections huddled together, with a courtyard and garden in front. It’s very lovely. Especially amongst the apartments and tall buildings, this house was very homey and quiet.

One the first day I was there, we went to a park/nature reserve. There were cows and horses being taken are of, and a lake called lake Taanayel, wich has a small island at the center, where many ducks perched. A walking trail surrounded the lake and connected to the rest of the park.

Lake Taanayel

There were people riding bicycles, taking runs, and pictures. There was also a youth scout group having a feild trip. So we spent the afternoon walking around, taking lots of pictures and enjoying the beautiful weather. The warmth from the sun was accompanied by a cool summer breeze that kept the humidity away as well as the mosquitoes out of sight. It was lovely.

She refused to eat the hay for the picture!

The second day, we went to a hotel which had a pool open to visitors. The sun was beaming down on us, and we ll got very nice tans. I’m very happy about that. I love getting a good tan during the summer, loading up on vitamin D!

So I got back home yesterday, and I went with my other cousin to a small concert where a new artist was performing. He goes by “Merwayne”. He’s 21, Lebanese, and has a new EP coming out. It was his first ever performance and he did well. He plays the guitar and the saxophone. His music has a very laid back, indie vibe. He sang in English, which was nice to hear. And I made a couple new friends!

After the concert we went out for drinks and had a great time getting to know each other  by asking eachother silly, ridiculous, ice-breaker questions. It was hilarious and refreshing to be with such a nice group of people.

Today, my family is going over to my other cousin’s house to celebrate her college graduation. It’s hopefully going to be very fun. Good fun, good music, and family. A perfect way to end my vacation here. Then on Monday morning I’ll be off to america to resume the summer for two more weeks before starting my senior year of college!

Time has been flying by. Is it me, or has this year sped by particularly fast? Thanks for coming to another coffee date! See you next week.

-Thxoxoxoxo, H


-pictures, including festured photo, are by me! (via iPhone 6s)


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