Summer Face

In the summer wearing makeup seems pointless beacuse of the killer summer heat. But you still want to have something on.

I spend my summers in Lebanon. Which I post a ton about on my blog here. The weather is consistent. It ranges from lower 80s°F to mid 90s°F (30°C-40°C), and it’s always humid. So you can imagine how little makeup lasts on your face.

No worries lovelies, because I have tested many products and have come up with a bundle of products that last in the Lebanese heat.


  1. Mascara-Better than Sex, read more in #8.
  2. Bronzer-Rimmel London. Is this a lower end product that I got from Target. Rather than using a matte bronzer, in the summer, it’s nice to use a shimmery bronzer.
  3. Blush-Victoria’s Secret. I don’t always wear blush when I’m in Lebanon. But it’s nice to have if you planning to go out.
  4. Concealer-NARS. This concealer is a bit high end. I got it from Sephora. It’s, by far, the best concealer I’ve used. I use it for blemishes and for under the eyes.
  5. Moisturizer-Lancome. This moisturizer has a bit of perfume in it, so I don’t recomend it if you have dry cracked skin patches or agzema. Other than that, it’s very mosturizing and has a cool touch. It feels magicial on tanned skin, and doens’t leve any shinny residue.
  6. Eyeliner-Not to boast, but I’m a bit famous for my winged liner. This liner is a felt tip that has a “ready to go” feature , which means that you never have to crank it or dip it in anything. Rather, when you put the cap on, it pushes ink up into the felt tip.
  7. Highlighter-This is a makeup cheat tip! For highlighter I just use the lightest eyeshadow from this palette and bruch that on my cheek bones. It’s bright shimmery and a bit pigmented, so it stys on all day. I ordered this palette off Amazon beause it was subatantially cheaper online.
  8. Mascara-Benefit. I switch between this mascara and 1. Urban Decay’s Better Than Sex mascara. This one is more for every day. To amp up your lashes to a night look, you can apply another layer of this mascara to the existing one from the morning, and bam! Night look, check!

Have you used any of these products? If so let me know! And, if you have any suggetsions, or similar posts, link them in the comments, and I will check them out!

-Thxoxoxo, H


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