Coffee Date #9

While meeting up for the usual coffee chat…

I’d be wired from the jet lag, that I’m still trying to get over. So just made it back from Lebanon. Everyone asks me if I had a good time, and I’d say that it was fantastic. I miss it already. I feel like time flies by when I’m there, that four weeks isn’t enough time at all. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue to visit from time to time. Who knows what will happen after I graduate and go to grad school.

Anyways, our flights back were very smooth. We did have a three-hour delay in Paris because the Delta computer systems were down. Apparently this was a huge deal, I didn’t know till my friends told me they heard about it in the news/paper. It wasn’t a huge issue because that was our last flight. So, to kill time, me and my brother walked all around the terminals catching Pokemon on PokemonGo. (Which is extremely addicting and crazy.) At the airport there were two gyms and a handful of poke stops.

We also waked through a free museum and had a look at some pottery from countries like China, India and Spain. Just another quick thing to kill time.

Since being home, I’ve met up with my friends and caught up with them, A couple of them I hadn’t seen in two+ months! Other than that, I’ve been unpacking and cleaning the house because I am having a family from Mexico staying with us for a week, right up until school starts. Their father works with mine, and so the whole family is staying with us, all 7 of them. 5 kids, whom are all younger, under 13. So we’ll see how that goes.

The weather has been so crappy, it’s not very uplifting to go from hot and sunny everyday, to humid and rainstorms everyday. In Lebanon I never worried about rain because it just doesn’t rain in the summer. For a moment I had forgotten about that when I got back, and I ended up accidentally wearing sandals whilst it poured rain! Luckily I didn’t ruin my sandals, but that was a reminder of how bipolar the weather is here.

Other big news, my younger brother is starting college next week, and he is moving into his dorm this thursday. I did not dorm during my past three years in college. Nor am I dorming this final year. So this is a whole new process for us, especially for my mother. Her greatest fear is her children leaving her and never keeping in touch with her. So she is a bit sour about my brother living on campus, but I think it will be very good for him. Hopefully he will mature a bit, and start becoming a bit independent, because now, he doesn’t know squat about cooking nor cleaning, nor anything that has to do with house work.

So I’m sure I’ll be mentioning that at our next coffee date. For now, good luck to all you high schoolers, who begin school this week! And thank you to everyone who has been patient with my delayed posts this past couple weeks. Traveling really kills my routine. No worries, I’m getting back on track, and there are many more posts to come!

-Thxoxoxo, H


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