Coffee Date #10

If we were to meet up for coffee…

I’d be in disbelief, because next Monday is my first day of my senior year of college!

So, at our last coffee date, I mentioned that I’d be having a Mexican family staying with me for a week. Well, they are still here, they are leaving this Tuesday. It’s been so difficult trying to get school prep done. It’s fun to have them here, but the timing couldn’t have been more inconvenient. On the bright side, we have been eating home cooked torillas for dinner! They are delicious. As well as beans and salsa. Classic Hispanic dinners. We’ve taken them to the park, zoo, and we went bowling! They tried spegetti and meatballs for the first time the other night, and they loved it! They ate so much, it’s awesome!

My mom and I moved my younger brother into his dorm on Thursday! He is going to a different university than me. It’s funny because when I was helping move things, the student helpers thought I was a first-year! I was like, “No, I don’t go here, hahaha.” Awkward. He has one other roomate, whom went to the same highschool, and they are both in the engineering program, so they will be seeing eachother a lot throughout the day. Aparently the people on the same floor of his dorm, aren’t very social. That kinda sucks, but I told him that he’ll be meeting loads of new people once class starts. I have no doubt that he won’t be popular. He was very well known in highschool, when I go to visit, people say, “Oh, your Anthony’s sister?!” Hahaha.

So, now he’s moved in. And our house has one less person in it. My youngest brother is seemingly having trouble taking in the fact that his video game buddy won’t be there all the time. I felt bad for him! But these things happen. My mom was telling me that it’s a good thing that I didn’t move out at the same time because he probably wouldn’t have coped very well. (I don’t think she would have liked it either). But I’m hoping to move out next year, especially if I go to grad school.

Besides that, I’m finally getting over my jet lag. Yes, it’s taken me about two weeks. That’s the longest it’s ever taken me. I still get tired earlier in the day, but I think that’s because I’ve had five kids in the house this past week.

My family and friends are planning to go the park today for a picnic. Hopefully everything works out and it doesn’t rain! It’s been raining on and off the past month, which is a crappy way of ending the summer.

The head of the Computer Science department at my university emailed all us seniors to see who could volunteer, to help at a Q&A session with the incoming first-years, on Friday. I went. I love to give advice, and talk to younger people. I’m already a youth advisor at my church, which I really enjoy. So, the Q&A was very informative. The professors gave a little lecture about the courses, and I noticed that two first-years fell asleep! Poor things, hahaha. Luckily they weren’t caught. Our department is very small, so we’ve become a close “family”. I was happy to see three first-year girls at the Q&A! Wooh! I think we now have around 10 females in Computer Science, over all four years.

So, hopefully this first week of classes goes by smoothly. I’m taking Operating Systems, History of Art 1, Mathematical Modeling, Intro to Gender & Diversity, and private voice lessons. I’m very excited! I’m looking forward to my voice lessons, because I love to sing. I’m not too excited about Operating Systems, because we work on a huge project and it’s the hardest course of the major. It’s notorious for being intimidating and stressful. But I’m hoping that all goes well!

If your about to start school, or have already started, what classes are you taking? Which one are you most looking forward to and which ones do you dread?

-Thxoxoxoxo, H


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