Off to Rabbit Island

Road trip time! Lebanon version. My cousin, her cousin, and our 3 friends all went on a road trip to Tripoli, Lebanon, to take a boat to Rabbit Island(Jazirat Araneb). The drive was about an hour-long. Then we parked at the port and paid a boat trip to rabbit island. For a two-way ticket it was 11,000 Lebanese pound. Which is about $8 per person.
So, the boat ride was half and hour-long. It was beautiful! The water was aqua blue. The island we went to is one of four, that line up of the coast of Tripoli. There are multiple boats that sail back and forth from Rabbit Island. The boat we took was part of a brand called Nour.

Once we got to the island we hopped of the boat and walked to the beach. The island is very small. Probably 2 square miles.

The shore is all sand and the water is shallow for about 50 meters out. There were a bunch of smaller boats and jet skis. We put our stuff under an umbrella with a bench and table. And we spent the day there! The weather was perfect. The water was warm. We had packed food for lunch. Sandwiches, chips and a huge watermelon.

The beach in covered with shells too. They are all white with pink ringlets on them. My friend group here is made of 21+year olds that are like me, Lebanese-American. So we all speak English with each other. One of us brought a football, so we passed it around. That was interesting because the people around us were curiously watching us. American football is not common in Lebanon. So we have them a show!

Check out my short vlog of the trip!

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Any comments or questions? Leave a reply and I’ll be happy to respond!

-Thxoxoxo, H


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