Makeup Wands

These are the make up brushes I use almost every day. They have gone through a lot of product and still feel brand new.

  1. Powder Foundation Brush: by Real Techniques
  2. Blush Brush: by Sonia Katchuk
  3. Liquid Foundation / Concealer Brush: the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
  4. Contour Brush: the Real Techniques Contour Brush
  5. Eyebrow Setting Brush: a simple toothbrush (with a cat at the top)
  6. Eyeshadow Brush: the E.L.F Professional Eyeshadow Brush
  7. Eyebrow Filler Brush: the Avon double sided Eyeliner Brush

You may have noticed that I am using some of these brushes for different purposes than what they were made for. Brushes are very versitile, their purpose depends on what fits best for you. 

I suggest, if you wear makeup every day, to imvest in some quality makeup brushes. They make a huge difference in the effect of makeup on a face. You can tell quality of a brush by taking notice to:

  •  how it feels on the face, especially under the eyes
  • if any bristles fall out
  • how much product it picks up and soaks in after use

Please share any advice you have on makeup brushes. Leave links and wonderful comments!

-Thxoxoxo, H



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