Cincy To Beirut

Welcome to my first vlog! Here is when I began my trip to Lebanon! Hope you enjoy!

We took three flights. on the longest one, to Paris, we were unexpectedly ungraded to first-class! I had never flown first-class for such a long flight (9 hours). It was so nice. When we landed in Lebanon, we were so lucky that our luggage arrived with us (it wasn’t lost or late). So we headed straight to our family’s house.

Show the vlog some love, I’ll be posting more soon!

What did you think? Anything I should change? Constructive criticism is welcome. I did unconsciously film half of this video in portrait mode, instead of landscape, which is a huge face palm. But I learned, and in my second vlog, I was consistent! If you want to check out the videos I have so far, visit my YouTube channel.

-Thxoxoxox, H


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