Coffee Date #11

It’s Friday already?! Let’s meet up for coffee…

So, this week was my first week of my senior year of undergrad. I’m taking four classes, and only one if them is major related. But that class is also the hardest one offered, it’s Operating Systems. It’s a project based course, where we are in pairs working to code an operating system from scratch.

We are coding in C. It’s my first time coding in C, mostly I’ve coded in C++, Java, and Python. But there’s a first for everything. We’ve already started on the project and we’ve only had two legitimate lectures. There are three phases to the project, and the only way to get an A in the class, is to complete all three. Luckily, my professor said that our class is the first, in a long time, that he is confident in saying that we will all get A’s. I hope that’s true! We are already a third of the way done with phase one. and the deadline is September 9th. So only two weeks away! Yikes! Wish me good luck with that for the next couple weeks!

Other than that, my other classes are more laid back, But for two of them, there are presentations at the end of the semester. I’m already anxious about them. it’s one thing if the classes were small, and I had already known all the people. But these classes are with almost 30 students, and I know none of them. Does anyone have any advice for a situation like this?

This weekend, one of my family’s friends have moved into a new home. So we were invited to a get together there to welcome them, and see the new house. Although I’ve already seen it, it will be fun to see all my friends. Majority of them are either in college, or in high-school. I can presume that most of our chats will be about school.

My brother who just started college is coming home tomorrow for the weekend. I’m picking him up after I’m done with classes. We got to two different universities, but they are 15 minutes away from each-other, and half an hour away from home. I commute (I have for all my undergrad), while my brother lives on campus. This is the first weekend of the semester. My brother has been feeling homesick and is taking time to make new friends. He wants to come home this weekend. But I think he should stay on campus this weekend, to socialize, go to some parties, soccer games, get to know the campus life better. If he keeps coming home whenever he feels like it, he will never adjust to living on campus. He won’t enjoy it as much as he could. What do you think? I may not know, because I’ve never lived away from home by myself, but I can deduce from my friends’ experiences, what my brother is going through. Now, I’m trying not to push him too hard, and come of as harsh, or jealous, because I don’t want him to push me away.  But I want him to enjoy living on campus because I never got that opportunity, and I know all too well what it’s like to feel out of the loop. I may be overreacting but I just want what’s best for him, in a protective sisterly way, hahahaha.

Besides that, this weekend should be pretty chill. I already have lots of reading to do for my courses, so that will take up majority of my time, but I also want to try to spend some time outside while the weather is still nice. This past week, we’ve had some fantastic weather. Although I’m already hearing fall fashion commercials on the radio, I’m holding to summer vibes as much as I can, for as long as I can. I don’t want school to suck me into a boring routine just yet.

What are your plans for the weekend? Any outside adventures in store?

-Thxoxoxoxo, H


4 thoughts on “Coffee Date #11

  1. gmmrs says:

    Good luck on your senior year! Oh you talking about coding reminds me of when I had to take Java…shudders. I didn’t understand a damn thing. I don’t know how they gave me a C in that class haha. I used to get 30s and 40s on tests because I just had no clue. You seem to know what you’re doing, I wish I knew you back then to lean on.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey girly 😉 Regarding your brother, I think he should look into joining some clubs and getting to know the students in his major. Those are great ways to bond with people who have similar interests with you! It’s difficult at first, but as you get older it becomes easier to put yourself out there. You just can’t be afraid to show the world your true self. Take pride in who you are 🙂


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    • justgeeklyfab says:

      Yes I think you’re definitely right! He did join the civil engineer club, so we will see where that takes him. He’s still getting used to being on his own. I think it’s harder for him to rely on himself because he knows that his family only half an hour away. But he has to learn not to take that fact for granted.
      Thxoxox for the lovely comment K!


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