August Favorites 2016

Here what I enjoyed using this month…

Zoella Body Lotion- This product smells amazing! It leaves my skin extremely moisturized and scented all day. It has exfoliating beads in it, which softens skin too!

Avon Body Scrub- This scrub has the same effect as the Zoella one. I use it on my arms before I get in the shower. I’ve been using it for a month now and I’ve noticed the amount of hair on my arms reduce. And the texture of my skin has become softer on my upper arms. I highly recommend this to anyone who has rough bumpy skin on their forearms! 

Instyler- This is a rotating hair iron. This is the newest version, it rotates in two ways, you chose which way according to what style you like. I had the original version be fore this one for over five years. The old one still works great, but it’s better at only curling not straightening. So I ordered the new one and left the old one at my house, in Lebanon. My hair is very thick, long, and curly. When I use this to straighten, then curl my hair, the curls last days without touchups. I’ve had multiple friends, with different hair types, borrow it, and they love the effect it has on their hair. Some have gotten their own Instyler! I recommend this if you have a rough time styling your hair. It gets the job done quickly, and leaves lasting results!

Isle of Skye Candle Company, Juniper Scent- This is a small tea candle that my friend gave me from her trip to Scotland. I love it because it’s cute and small, it smells like clean laundry. I keep it lit on my desk. It’s the perfect size, it’s scent isn’t overpowering.

Chokers- These chokers are just a few of a set I got from Zara. They came in a pack of 6 and I always find an excuse to wear them. It doesn’t bother me that this trend is kinda fading away for now. I still love it! I’m always complemented on them, whenever I wear one. With so many color options, it always matches my outfit. 

What did you you enjoy this month? Have any recommendations?

-Thxoxoxo, H


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