Coffee Date #12

Meeting up for coffee!

Hello! I’ve just finished my second week of classes. About to start the third week of my senior year of undergrad! It’s insane how fast time flies. I hope you’ve been doing well, and enjoying this nice weather before the cold rolls in.

Just last week we had major flooding. It was record-breaking rainfall. Some streets became rivers! People were stranded in their cars whilst in the middle of the road! They couldn’t drive! That was the most rain I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Besides that day, the weather the rest of the week was unbearable. So incredibly hot. On Thursday the hot phase finally broke, we had a sunny mid 80ºs feel all day. Me and my younger brother have been going on Pokemon Go hunts every afternoon, on our bikes, in our neighborhood. I ordered us some cell phone bike mounts. We attach our phones to our bikes and ride all over the neighborhood catching Pokemon. It’s actually quite thrilling! I’m currently level 14, almost level 15, and my brother is almost level 13.

Being on a college campus majority of the day, provides a ton of opportunities to catch Pokemon, and restock on supplies (poke-balls, potions, berries). Campus is full of these check points called “Poke Stops”, where you can get supplies. All my fellow Computer Science friends also have Pokemon Go, so we will go on hunts together around campus. They have taken Gyms before, and all that jazz.

Enough about Pokemon Go, my classes have been extremely laid back. The only assignments I’ve had were reading in preparation for class discussions. But, the relaxing days are coming to an end because I do have a paper and a larger assignment due by the end of next week. The trick though, is that I have an extended weekend this week. So I’ll be able to get extremely ahead on my assignments, well…. hopefully.

Oh! I tried Smoothie King for the first time this week! Yes, no judging, I hadn’t tried it yet. But now that I have, I’m bound towards addiction because their smoothies are so good! I can’t remember the name of the one I got, but it had strawberries and some type of juice. So amazing. Especially since it was almost 100ºF outside, a smoothie was the perfect way to cool down.

I also volunteered at my university’s club day this past Wednesday. I stood at the Computer Science club table with one of my friends, and we talked to younger students, some of which signed up to join the club! Of course, most of the new members are first year CS majors, but we did have some non-majors join. The only downfall was the weather. I was only there for my shift from noon to 1pm, and at that time, the sun was beating down directly over us. We were basically melting. Luckily I only had to be there for an hour. Or else I would have had heat stroke. I didn’t expect it to be so hot, so I didn’t have a change of clothes. So I had to go to three classes afterwards reeking of B.O. I was a bit self-conscious that day. The first thing I did when I got home, was take a shower. It’s difficult to be prepared for everything when you’re a commuter!

Other than that, this labor day should be pretty laid back. There are fireworks going on, on the river. Hopefully it doesn’t rain. My uncle is visiting from North Carolina! I haven’t seen him in so long! He and his girlfriend will be staying with us for a couple of days. We are planning to go to a friend’s house for dinner, which will be fun. Anything that evolves food and good company, ensures a good time. It will be nice to catch up with family.

Is anyone a Pretty Little Liars fan?! I just watched the season finale on Tuesday and I was epic! So many cliffhangers! I can’t wait till the next season. It will be their last season too. This isn’t a major spoiler but, I really hope one of the main characters doesn’t die! They were just putting their love life back together. But now we don’t know if he/she will be in the new season!!! If you’ve watched the finale, let me know what you thought. I personally think Hannah is crazy, and the “thing” between Emily and Allie is weird.

Well, I’d love to hear about your weekend plans in the comments! I will be sure to read and reply! I’ve been drafting up a bunch of posts so that we don’t go another week with very few updates. Thank you so much for your growing interest in my blog. I’m loving everything about it, especially meeting you all!

-Thxoxoxoxo, H


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