Coffee Date #13

We meet up once again for a chat and coffee…

Hello, it’s crazy to think that I just finished my fourth week of my senior year of undergrad! I believe I said this before, but time is flying by!

My team for Operating Systems (OS), just finished phase one of our semester project! Only two more phases to go! We all celebrated at our weekly gatherings at the campus pub.

Other than working on OS all week, I’ve had little homework, and a lot of reading. The weather was awesome for a couple of days, but the heat came rolling in again. I already sweat so much, with this heat, I can’t wear anything without having embarrassing sweat stains! I’ve had to take showers twice a day multiple days this week.

I feel that the most inconvenient weather combination is rain while it’s hot (>80ºF). Because you want to stay dry from the rain, but it’s so hot that you get wet from sweating anyways! Let me know if any of you know what I mean XD

I didn’t post this on Friday because I got a bit ill. Since then I’ve been suffering from major headaches and a runny nose. But I didn’t let it get the best of my weekend! On Saturday I studied a lot and later, at night, I went to campus for a Girls and Gaming night. It was an event the campus Gaming club ran, and I met up with a lot of my fellow CS friends and many new gals! I loved chatting with the first-years, many of whom are commuters too! So we all had a lot in common. They played a couple of rounds of Secret Hitler, which I am terrible at playing. Have you played, or heard of that game? I much rather prefer, Mafia, the card game, or Pandemic.

Pandemic is my favorite board game at the moment. I’ve gotten several of friends hooked in it too. Hehehe, there is a game board bar downtown that I’ve gone to with my friends, and we played Pandemic the last time we were there. It’s very similar to Risk, but you all work as a team, not against one another.

Today, Sunday, I’ve been taking it easy, I took my brothers and some friends out to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. I love the Honey BBQ boneless wings, with ranch of course. I have such a low tolerance towards spicy food. So I thought I push my limit a bit and get the Honey BBQ wings, instead of a milder flavor. My friends were laughing at me because they like spicier flavors. They called me a wimp hahaha, but I have to say, my sinuses were clear by the time I finished eating.

So that was what I enjoyed this past week! I’d love to hear about your week in the comments!

-Thxoxoxoxo, H


3 thoughts on “Coffee Date #13

  1. gmmrs says:

    You’d fit in great here in Minnesota with your low tolerance for spicy food. I love the spice, I always get the Wild traditional and Teriyaki boneless at Buffalo Wild Wings. Never heard of Secret Hitler or Mafia or Pandemic. I did used to play B.S. haha. We actually used to play that in biology class during study hall in the back of the class. We’d have a crowd gather around it would look like we were engaging in illegal activity. Have I mentioned I don’t get out much? Hahaha, anyway, for me I love it warm when its raining. The worst for me is when its a 33 degree cold rain. When its that cold it should snow but instead sometimes it rains and its miserable. I rather be hot than cold. Hmmm I’m living in the wrong part of the country 😦

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