Weekend in Philadelphia

I went to Philadelphia the last weekend of September for a church retreat. It was a young adult retreat. The weather wasn’t the best. It was cold and raining all weekend. Sunday was sunny but still cold. So thank God I packed a thick raincoat and lots of layers!

On Friday we had lunch at a Philly cheese-steak place. It’s funny because they aren’t called “Philly cheese-stakes” in Philadelphia, they’re just called cheese-steaks! They were really good, but didn’t have as much of flavor as Penn Station does. And our jackets wreaked of oil the rest of the weekend!

After we enjoyed the cheese-steaks, we wondered around the block visiting small shops and admired all the street art! There was a consistent theme in these streets, a lot of mosaic tiles, lining the buildings and the roads. I love the artsy vibe!

Saturday we had our workshop and mass. We finished at 6pm. Afterwards we explored a bit of downtown Philadelphia.

Sunday afternoon came very fast, and before we had to head to the airport to head back home we made a visit to the state building downtown, and to see the original “LOVE” sign!

During this weekend I made a lot of use of Uber and Lyft. I highly suggest using these apps to get around for cheep. My group was always at least 4 people. So our rides were cheap because we split the price. All of our drivers were so nice! So hospital and gave us great tourist advice.

I also suggest using Venmo. It’s an easy way to split payments with friends. They can pay you directly to your bank account and there are no extra fees from using the app. This was our main form of payment all weekend.

Have you been to Philadelphia? If so, what did you do, did you enjoy it? I am definitely going to visit again!

-Thxoxoxoxo, H


18 thoughts on “Weekend in Philadelphia

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  2. thirtyoneplease says:

    So pleased I found your blog!! πŸ™‚ I’m Egyptian and have been to my fair share of church outings and retreats lol. You look like you had heaps of fun with your mates!

    p.s. I could definitely do with some advice on the whole blogging thing! :S

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