Blogging Tips and Tricks

The most popular question from you all is “What advice can you give about successful blogging?”

I thought it would be beneficial to make a post about this so you can all refer to its content as needed.

Most important things to keep in mind while blogging:

  1. Stay creative
  2. Remain authentic
  3. Be up to date (socially, economically, politically)

Tips and Tricks:

  • Stay organized. Keep a journal or a planner and write out all your post ideas. Whenever an idea pops into your mind, write it down. Even if it’s rough and may not work, give it a try. I keep a notebook full of lists and ideas so that I’m never at a loss of material.
  • Get to know your readers. Following blogs isn’t enough to put your blog out there. Read and comment on blogs you follow. Show your interest in other’s work and, in turn, they will take interest in yours. I have met so many lovely people through my blog! They are inspiring and account for most of my motivation for blogging. I want to help others, but to help them, you need to connect with them and get to know them and their story.
  • Find your rhythm. Writing gets choppy when sentence structure remains the same throughout a piece. This also goes for blog posts. Make your posts visually appealing to your readers. Not only with pictures but other graphics too. Keep your blog interesting by having a variety of posts. Some may be short, less than 5 minute reads, while others can be a bit longer. You should also spice up content be using bullet points, italicizing and experimenting with header styles. I have written about these technical aspects in a post -> Blog Post Accessories.
  • Grow your network. Make use of other social media platforms to advertise your blog. You worked hard, so why not tweet about it, or post some Instagrams with links to your blog. This helps connect with your audience beyond the scope of your blog. Many of my readers have told me that they review notifications about my blog posts by keeping up with my blog’s Instagram, @justgeeklyfabulous. Check out my other social medias if you like to see how I’ve been using them to get the word out about my blog. To make my  Instagram posts informative, I use the app, LetterGlow. It’s an editor that lets me make graphics that I can lay over a picture. It’s quite artsy!
  • Proof read your work before you publish. I have fallen subject to incorrect grammar in my posts. To prevent this I read my posts out load, and I copy and paste them into Microsoft Word, to double-check my grammar, because the WordPress proofreader doesn’t catch all the errors. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to re-read your posts before publishing them. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you find an error after you’ve published, be sure to fix the error and update the post. Nothing bugs me more than to see simple spelling errors on blog posts.

These are all wonderful things to keep in mind while running a blog. But the most important thing, I would emphasize, is to always be optimistic. My blog started slow, I wasn’t sure what material I wanted to focus on. But I never stopped writing. I just posted a huge variety of material and observed which kinds of posts go the most attention. Then I put my focus into writing more posts of the same vibe. Once I began writing more posts around the same topics, my blog got more attention.

So, never give up. Starting a blog can be daunting. You may ask yourself, “How am I going to sound interesting enough to capture an audience?” The key is to write about things that you’re passionate about. Then you will shine through your writing, and readers will want to read your work because you are genuine.

I loved writing this post! I’m so pleased that you all are enjoying my blog, and asking me questions and posting lovely comments! I love reading about all of your adventures! Don’t hold back if you have questions. I am more than happy to answer them!

-Thxoxoxoxo, H


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