Coffee Date #17

Hello lovelies, the coffee is ready!

My team and I are finished with phase 2 of the Operating System project! Not to brag, but we were the first team to finish. Our team name is the Power Puff Girls because we are the one group of three in our class.


It’s ironic because we each look like one of the Power Puff girls. Mostly the hair hahaha. I match up with Blossom!

I have been buried in course work. Since working on the OS project has taken all my effort, I’ve been pushing aside all my other coursework. So it’s obviously piled up, and all of it is due in the next couple weeks.

So, other than college, my friends and I are practicing our traditional dancing for our fall church festival on the 20th! So my weekends are mostly devoted to church, while the school week, I devote all my time to homework. I haven’t imploded, yet. But, to take my mind off things, and unwind before bed, I started watching, Make It Or Break It. It’s a show on Freedom, which started airing in 2009. I started watching the first season, and I’m hooked. I’ve been binge watching it this past week. Although I’m not a gymnast, I find the plot very relate able.

I really like all the main characters. Here’s a quick breakdown of their stories. In picture, described from left to right.

Emily: poor, raised by mother, younger brother, financially unstable, has had to play “mother” most of her life, very reserved, doesn’t open up easily, determined to be seen as equal to other girls.

Lauren: rich, spoiled, selfish, self-centered, mother is drug addict, father blackmails to get what he wants

Payson: Star, hard-headed, perfectionist, not distracted easily, gymnastics before everything, younger sister is also gymnast, working to get the gold, future Olympian

Kaylie: Father is famous athlete, mother is famous singer, older brother is science genius/retired gymnast, pressured to be the best, has secret boyfriend.

So, while I wait for shows like, Reign, Teen Wolf, and Pretty Little Liars, to return, I’ll be watching this series. I don’t mind that it only has 3 seasons, and ended in 2013. There are plenty of awesome shows.

My friend Joyce, is going to start a lifestyle Instagram. She has been motivated by me, and a few other blogger friends. I’d like to give her a shout out! She’s such a lovely person with so much potential. Here’s her Instagram, please check it out, although she may not have anything posted yet, keep an eye out for it!

Joyce’s Instagram ❤

I also have another dear friend who has a WordPress blog who is just getting back into blogging, (thanks to me 😉 ). Her name is Lilah, and her blog has similar material to mine. She would love it if you check our her writing! Here’s a link to her blog!

Love, Lilah ❤

Other than that, nothing much has happened, just trucking through the second half of the semester. Weather wise, it hasn’t gotten colder than 30°F yet. It’s been mid 60s to upper 70s, and some days, lower 80s! It’s November!

What are you up to this weekend? Any fun plans? Let’s chat!

Thxoxoxo, H


5 thoughts on “Coffee Date #17

  1. LivingOutLoud says:

    Hi Lilah!
    It looks like you have been super busy! That’s awesome that you are on phase 2 of your operating system project. Love the Power Puff Girls name :). I am still struggling with my Computer Science Foundations program, but am hanging in there. Your series shows look interesting. I will have to look them up! This weekend is all about school. And Zumba here and there. Have a great weekend! Xoxoxo.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. delilah821 says:

    I love that your group is called the Power Puff Girls, that used to be my FAVORITE show! I’m excited to hear about Joyce’s new Instagram, that’s such a great idea! Also, thanks for the shoutout. 😊❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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