What December Brings

There are times of the year we all look forward to. Wether it be a birthday, anniversary or a holiday, we all hold these times close to our hearts.

When December comes about there are things that it brings with it…

Holiday Cheer

This includes music, food, decorations, and traditions such a various forms of gift giving: Secret Santa, White Elephant, ect.




Wether it be school/college finals, or testing your romantic relationships, December is when our stress levels increase to intolerable amounts.


Wardrobe Swap

Hopefully by this time of the year the weather has drifted into colder temperatures. You know it’s winter when you can only brave walking outside by bundling up. So, by this month your closet is usually due for a season update/swap. But wait till after final exams are over! Don’t use cleaning your closet as an excuse to not study. We’ve all used that before, and regretted it in the end.



Whilst we are set in an optimistic mindset, because of listening to holiday music, we look back on the past year in review. You can pull out a list of resolutions you may have made the previous year, and most likely chuckle because you’ve yet to do anything on your list. No matter what you’ve done, your still alive and well. This is something to be grateful of. There is still more for you to do on this Earth, be pleased and look forward to tomorrow. You don’t know what the future entails, so aim to be a better person than you were today. That way by the time you reflect on yourself this time next year, you can proudly say that you’ve evolved for the better of yourself, loved ones and the world!


I love December, lots of singing, delicious food, and overall many good vibes. Let’s make the most of what we have and make this December one to remember!

-Thxoxoxoxo, H


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