Coffee Date #18

Let’s have a quick coffee break from studying and chat!

I’ve been quiet for a while. Not by choice, but in order to wrap things up, college wise, for the end of the semester coming up next week!

My group, The Power Puff Girls, got an A+ on phase 2 of our Operating Systems project! Our professor said,

“This is the first A+ I’ve given in a very long time. I’m extremely impressed.”


My jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe what I heard, nor could my team mates! We worked countless hours on phase 2, and it paid off! As we entered his office to do a code walk through and grade our code, I was optimistic. I always am, whereas my team members where so nervous and anxious! They didn’t think we would do as well as we did! But we did amazing! I’m extremely relieved.

We are currently working on Phase 3, which is to implement virtual memory. If we finish this phase, then we don’t have to take the final exam. So, we are aiming to finish phase 3. We have this week and next, to finish it. I have faith, while my team mates are struggling to remain positive. I think we will make it before the due date, our professor even told us we could do it!

Besides that project, I have another project for my math modeling course. I am creating a theoretical Cellular Automata model of one instance of the Cascade Effect between Sea Otters, Urchins, and Kelp. I am coding it in R, which I have no experience in. It’s a functional programming language, but it’s mostly used for math, thus the reason why I haven’t used it before, (CS uses different languages).

Other than that I have 2 normal, cumulative finals, and a final paper. All of this due by the end of next week! Oh, I forgot to mention that I have a voice recital this Friday. Yup, I’m going to be singing, by myself, in front of a large audience. I’m so nervous and anxious. The two songs I’m singing are by Faure, Chanson D’amour, and Plaisir D’amour. Yes, they are both opera-ish, French, love songs.

My voice instructor tells me to fuel my preformance with my anxiety instead ofletting it hold me back. She has me imagine myself as Adele singing to a large stadium of people. Therefore incouraging me to use a large voice to fill the space. I hope I can be as confident and comfortable on stage as she is…


I hope to post more content soon. I have a lot of Christmas themed posts in mind. Let me know if you have any ideas! They don’t have to be holiday themed, anything works!

Are you preparing for finals? Super stressed? Let’s chat in the comments!

-Thxoxoxoxoxo, H


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