My Favorite Vlogmas Channels

This is my favorite time of year. What better way to get through the last weeks of the semester than watching Vlogmas videos on YouTube! Here’s the ones I watched, you can click their picture to go to their channel!



Although I’m not loving the intro to her vlogs as much this Christmas than last year, she keeps you guessing when it comes to her plans. In addition to her vlogs everyday this month, she also posts a main channel video every day till Christmas Eve!



Surfer, photographer, fashionista, and all round adventurer, Ava has great vlogs this month. She always busy and has a lot to do. She makes me want to be extra productive, its uplifting!



I just started watching Remi’s videos. She is so energetic it’s inspiring. Her cooking videos are so laid back and relate-able! Also, a bonus is that her dog is so adorable, I partially watch her vlogs to see her cute puppy!

Fun For Louis


Louis is already a daily vlogger, so his videos haven’t changed much this month. I love watching him and his girlfriend Raya go on their adventures together. Couple goals! Louis’ triple-decker bus is jaw dropping. He has a couple of bus tour videos you have to watch! The ideas he has are so innovative!

Who’s Vlogmas videos do you watch? Any suggestions?

-Thxoxoxo, H


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