Planning Tips & Tricks

There is a lot of responsibility when planning a gathering. I’ve done quite a bit of event planning in my life. Many people would agree that I do a good job at it. Recently I’ve been invited to a couple of events, since then I’ve been accumulating a list of tips and tricks for successful planning. Here they are:

Plan for all scenarios

The world isn’t perfect. Factors of a plan may go wrong and cause everything to change. Make sure you have backup plans, and always think of the worst case scenario.

Manage your time

watch-1208200_1280If the invitees are notorious for being late, then tell them an earlier time. Remember that everything takes time, especially transport and parking. Don’t forget waiting for reservations and food. No matter what you do, you have to consider the little things that will take up time. You make overlook them, but they play a key factor to managing your time for an event.

Be considerate

Everyone feels a pit in their stomach when they here about an event that their friends went to which they weren’t invited to. Include others! The more the merrier. You don’t want to burn bridges within your friend group. Who knows, you may invite a bunch of people and some may say no, but at least they know that you thought about them!

Use group chats

2000px-whatsapp-svgStay connected to your invitees. You can easily send reminders via a group chat. You may ask, “what if my phone isn’t good with group chats?” Well there is a solution! Use WhatsApp, a free texting and calling app for all cell phones. You can then create group chats no matter whether your invitees are iPhone or Samsung users.



Don’t forget forms of transportation and the timely cost of transport. Be sure to remind our check with invitees to see if they need help finding a ride.




Check the weather and dress appropriately. The last thing you want to be is uncomfortable in your own clothes while you’re trying to enjoy the company of others.





There you go! I hope this has given you insight into planning events and gatherings. If you have any addition tips or comments, feel free to leave them in the comments below! We can all help one another.

-Thxoxoxoxo, H


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