Coffee Date #19

My last spring semester in undergrad has official begun. It’s been a week and I already have homework and my senior project to worry about. I started my Spanish 101 online course and it is kicking my butt. It takes up a lot of time (it’s supposed to) but I get a bit frustrated because I’m starting with the basics. I just learned introductory phrases like “Como estas” and “Buenas nochas”.All of my assignments are in VHL (Vista higher Learning). They are interactive an take at least 30 minutes to complete each module.

Having learned French in the past, I’ve been finding some of the Spanish pronounciation very frutrting. For example, the letter e. In French it’s pronounced euh, whereas in Spanish it’s pronounced eh. Another difference ar the articles for nouns. In french masculine and feminine are le/la respectively. But in Spanish they are el/la. So confusing! Hahahaha, why can’t they be the same! I can’t complain to much, there are plenty of similar words like, allergy (allérgico/allergique), pants (pantalon/pantalones), and ten(dix/diez). So in retrospect, I should be fine.

My yearly horoscope claims I’ll meet the love of my life this year. Now that would be interesting. That could mean that I meet him and not actually date him until years to come! I’ll try not to think that way. I’m always skeptical about horoscopes, but I do find them interesting. I am a Gemini so I really go with the flow. What do you think about horoscopes?

If you went back to school this week, let me know how its going? I’d love to hear!

-Thxoxoxoxoxo, H


2 thoughts on “Coffee Date #19

  1. delilah821 says:

    I love reading my horoscopes, but most of the time they’re wrong 😪 Still fun, though! And I tried to learn some Spanish through an app called Duolingo. It was going well, but I didn’t practice enough and stop using the app… maybe I’ll start again some day! 😄

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