Struggles of Wearing Glasses

I’ve worn glasses since I was in second grade. I only just started wearing contacts when I started college. Over the years I’ve gathered the annoying things about wearing glasses and why I don’t miss them a bit!

  1. Knocking them off your nightstand while sleeping, and having to blindly search for them for what seems like ages until you have to cry out for help to find them. Then they end up being in inches away from where you were reaching.struggles-people-who-dont-wear-glasses-will-never-2-30238-1446477043-44_dblbig
  2. The struggle of having to wear 3D glasses over top of your glasses.
  3. Not being able to see clearly while you swim.
  4. Worrying about whether or not your glasses will fall off whilst riding a roller coaster.
  5. Having to remember to clean the lenses from time to time because you may not notice until people start looking at you funny because your lenses are speckled with who knows what.
  6. All the sunglasses you own have to be prescription sunglasses, so you can’t indulge in the sunglasses offered at Target or Forever 21.26
  7. Unknowingly getting your hair caught in the hinges of your glasses and thus ripping out a couple of strands as you take your glasses off.
  8. Having to do your makeup inches away from a mirror otherwise you can’t see where you’re applying anything on your face.
  9. Dreading eye exams every year because you worry your prescription is getting worse.
  10. Not being able to see clearly while laying on your side because your glasses hit the side of your head and then you have double vision.bseyhkuiaaaw60_
  11. People assuming you can read the fine print of anything from far away, when in reality glasses don’t give you super vision, they correct your vision back to 20/20.
  12. Rain + Glasses = worst combination evercd1e89a919cbd905328ad9f6c1495981

Do you wear glasses? Have any other struggles that I didn’t mention above?

-Thxoxoxoxo, H


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