2017 Goals

Although many of us may never complete our resolutions, it’s good to make them to set a goal we can keep in mind all year. Time to throw out the old and bring on the new 2017 new year resolutions. This year is a big year for me. If all goes well I will be graduating from college and hopefully attending a graduate school this fall. Meanwhile I also like to keep my personal life in mind. I hope to adventure more and go out more often with my friends. Overall, here are my 2017 new year goals…

  • Get into graduate school
  • Read 10 books
  • Do more things I love (blog, DIY, travel, sing, read)
  • Do more volunteer work
  • Un-clutter
  • Stay close to friends
  • Learn new skills
  • Be more confident in myself
  • Send more letters
  • Journal every day

Hopefully I accomplish these goals over the course of the year! Let me know what your resolutions are in the comments!

-Thxoxoxoxo, H


6 thoughts on “2017 Goals

  1. gmmrs says:

    Hey, long time! I always read your blogs. I don’t do resolutions because I get too disappointed at failure. But I appreciate yours and wonder if you have any specifics to some of your goals?

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    • gmmrs says:

      Oh I just wonder if you prioritized any of the things you loved in a certain order or time of year? Or about uncluttering, do you mean about your life, your bookshelf, your room, all of that? How do you think you’d go about being more confident about yourself and is that one of those ongoing goals not exclusive to just the year turning over? Are you a penpal in writing letters? I always thought that would be fun. I know its hard to go deep into detail about these things especially knowing you are so busy but I was just curious. We as a people like setting goals but I feel like we fall short if they’re too lofty or abstract. I know you’re a very thoughtful person and you wouldn’t just say things just to say them and I want you to accomplish your goals too.

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  2. justgeeklyfab says:

    I really appreciate that you take my words to heart! In response to your various questions, I don’t rank my resolutions because they are all of equal importance to me. Some I would like to roll over for years to come such as, self confidence and writing. Speaking of writing, I just want to put my pen to paper more often. That may be through writing letters to friends, and journaling. I’ve never had a pen pal via writing letters, but I have had “e-mail pals” that I speak to on the regular. As for un-cluttering, I meant practically my whole life, because I have accumulated a lot of “junk” and I need to get rid of it. Along with that there is always too much drama in some areas of our life, whether it may be with family or friends. It’s important to realize that so much of this drama is unnecessary because there is more to life than holding grudges and gossiping.
    Always a pleasure ❤

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