Coffee Date #20

Wow it’s our 20th coffee date, does this mean we’re official?

Hello again, I’ve just passed through my 3rd week of the semester. The THIRD week already!! I still can’t believe I’m a senior and I only have this semester left before graduation! Classes have been going very well. I just had my first speaking assessment with my Spanish 101 professor over Skype. I was so nervous, especially since she was 10 minutes late to call me! But it went very well, I got 100%!

The toughest thing about learning Spanish is the fact that I learned French first. I’ve studied French for a total of five years. It’s difficult because so many of the pronunciations are different; “en” and “en”, “un” and “une” and the fact that the h sound is “ll” and j is pronounced as “hota”.

You may be thinking why would I bother myself with taking Spanish during my last semester of college. Well, for one thing I needed 12 credits to qualify as a full-time student. The other reason is that it would be an easy course for me, specifically because it’s Spanish 101. So I figured why not? And it’s totally online, so I can manage it on my own time.

There are some people who don’t prefer to take online courses. My Spanish course is my first ever online course, and I don’t think it’s too bad but I don’t prefer it over traditional courses. What’s your experience with online courses?

Besides Spanish, I am very much enjoying my Web Design course. The only thing I would change is the fact that it’s once a week for about 3 hours. For some reason that course makes me so happy. I feel some kind of calling to Web Design, and design in general. I look forward to it all week and I am eager to learn more. What I think contributes to this is that fact that my professor is very fond of his field. He loves his job and all the experiences he’s had. He’s open and honest about our work, it’s very inspirational. I keep telling myself I should have taken more design courses before, but now I’m a senior! I can’t!

My first project is to find a website that needs major redesigning. So I’ve chosen Suzanne Collins’ website. It’s a mess and not very user-friendly, nor inviting. I figured it’s a perfect website to redesign. So this week we have to create our color theme and start sketching the homepage. Check it out here.

I’ll let you now how it goes! I’ll probably post some pictures on my Instagram. Check that for more @justgeeklyfabulous !

Another thing I’ve been really enjoying again is yoga ❤

I attend a free weekly class that I absolutely love. I’ve brought so many of my friends to it and all of them enjoyed it just as much as I have. It’s for beginners, so you don’t have to have any previous experience with yoga. Yet its still a bit challenging. Although many people think yoga is chill and all about meditation, it really isn’t! It packs up a sweat! You have to think of your breathing and relaxing your muscles or else you get super tense. It’s a fantastic way to exercise and tone up your body. Which I really need to do because I’m going on a Disney Cruise for spring break!

It will be the first time I travel with my friends over spring break. And it will also be the first time I go on a cruise! Any advice? I can’t wait to swim and eat great food! I’ll definitely take loads of pictures. Thank the Lord I have the iPhone 7, because it’s waterproof. I won’t need to worry about it getting wet. There will be plenty of underwater pictures!

How was your week? I hope your fighting the virus that’s been floating around!

-Thxoxoxoxo, H


2 thoughts on “Coffee Date #20

  1. delilah821 says:

    I’ve thought about taking online courses before, but I don’t know if I would have the motivation to do the work without a teacher nagging me! I already have a big procrastination problem… haha! And wow, a Disney cruise?! That sounds so awesome! Can’t wait to see all of the pictures!

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