Commuter Survival Guide: What’s in My Backpack

Every student needs something to carry all their stuff around campus. But the things that a commuter packs are different from a student living on campus.

I am currently using a Yavapai North Face backpack, it’s mauve with turquoise and yellow accents. I love it because it’s a unique from the usual North Face backpacks you see. And I’ve revived many complements about it.img_0004

My back pack has three main pockets. The largest one is where I keep all my notebooks, textbooks, and my planner. This pocket also has the laptop pocket.

In the next pocket I keep all my other essentials. In the Velcro pouch I have my wallet and my small makeup bag. In the zipper pocket I keep my womanly needs for that time of the month. And in the smaller pockets I have my extra phone charger, and notecards. At the bottom of this section I keep my laptop charger. I have it zipped up in a Vera Bradley pouch.

The last pocket of my backpack has my snacks. Since I commute, I don’t want to have to buy food all the time. So, I keep snacks with me for when I get hungry.

On the sides of my backpack I have two mesh pockets. One is where I keep my water bottle and the other is where I put all my pencils/pens/highlighters/erasers.

You may have noticed all the pins I have on my backpack! I love to customize my belongings, and pins are the best way to do so! I have a Mocking Jay pin from The Hunger Games series. Right below it I have a Lebanon flag and American flag pin because I’m proud of my ethnicity! I got that pin off Amazon. I also have a space shuttle pin because I love astronomy. Next to that I have a pin from a workshop that I went to that was sponsored by the Moise A. Khayrallah Center. We learned about digitalizing records like old pictures, newspaper clippings and files. It was aimed towards Middle Eastern Immigrants who came to live here in the U.S. So that is why you see, “Yalla, Bye!” on the pin. It’s a simple phrase we use to say “see ya!”

What kind of bag are you using for school/college/work? Let’s chat in the comments!

-Thxoxoxoxoxo, H


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