My Sleepover Makeup Bag

When you spend the night out of your home you need to bring essentials with you to use at night and to prep in the morning. This makeup bag is not what I would take with me over a long vacation but more for a night or two.

The Bag: Victoria’s Secret clear floral bag. I got this last season, it’s so nice and the perfect size! I love the zipper path and how it is rounded instead of boxy and restricting.

What’s inside:

-Toothbrush, Colgate Optic White toothpaste, Colgate floss

-Secret Clinical Strength deodorant

-Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing wipes: I can not function without these wipes. They are not oily at all, which is great for me because I have oily skin. If your in a rush or have no way of washing your face, no need to worry, you can use these wipes and there is no need to wash after!

-Glasses: These are from Sears, I’ve had them for a couple of years. I only wear them at night so I didn’t want to invest in a “fancy” pari of glasses if I’m not going to wear them a ton.

***Fun fact***

I am legally blind, I must have either glasses or contacts in to properly see. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in 2nd grade. And I only started wearing contacts when I started college.

-Avon eye palette: I mostly use this because of its mirror and the dark brown shade, which I use to fill in my brows.

-Avon eyeliner brush dual ended: Speaking of brows, I don’t use this brush for eyeliner, I use the angled side to fill in my brows.

-Elizabeth Mott Blending Brush: This cute teal brush is from the Ipsy March Glambag! It’s a great brush for all things eye shadow, and it’s very girly. If you want to see what else I got in the March Ipsy Glambag, check out my Instagram feed which you can access via the home page!

-Green animal toothbrush: Honestly I don’t remember where I got this from. I’ve mentioned it in posts before. I just use it to brush out my eyebrows. XD

-Tarte Tartiest eyeliner: I swear by this product. I love the felt tip when I want a winged look. And for a more subtle look I use the crayon end.

-NARS concealer: I’ve tried plenty of concealers and I’ve yet to find one better than this.

-First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer: This is another item from the March Glam bag! I’ve been debating on purchasing this product for a while now, so I don’t have to anymore because it came in the Glam bag! It feels like water on your face and my skin immediately soaks it all in. It doesn’t leave shine nor residue. For sure one of my favorites at the moment.

-L’Oreal Eye shadow: The small eye shadow pot is a shade that I use for highlighter. It has massive product payoff. I use it everyday.

-BareMinerals blush: This is a loose powder blush. I’ve also mentioned it in multiple posts.

-Smashbox primer: Yes it is green! No worries though, when you apply it doesn’t stay green. I got this from the small bits and bobs in Sephora for $5.

-Eyedrops: These are just some moisturizing eye drops I use if my contacts get dry. This is an essential for those of you who use wear contacts.

That is all what I have in my sleepover makeup bag! Let me know if you pack any additional beauty items. Let’s chat in the comments!

I’ve been posting short videos on my Instagram that show the Ipsy Glam Bags, check them out! @justgeeklyfab

-Thxoxoxoxo, H



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