Summer ’17 To Do List

Hello everyone! I just finished taking all my spring semester finals! I’m almost officially done with undergrad! Now I have to wait until commencement on the 13th! I’ve been thinking of all the things I hope to do this summer and I figured why not share them with you. Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions. And don’t forget to tell me what your most excited to do this summer!

  • Take more Polaroids because I recently bought a Fugifilm mini 8! It’s the pale pink one of course! The only downside is that the film is 16$ for 20 pictures. Does anyone buy them cheaper?
  • Get back into reading. The last book I read was The Circle and I also recently watched the movie(with Emma Watson) which was hardly as good as the book.
  • Do more crafts. I have a whole board on Pinterest for crafts (who doesn’t ) and I haven’t gotten around to trying any of them, so that’s one of the things I’m most excited to do this summer.
  • Get rid of junk. There is way too much clutter in my room. Most of it really is clutter because I don’t use them on the daily. So I want to donate all of the things I don’t use anymore. They’ve given me happiness, now I want them to give others the same.
  • Continue blogging of course! That’s a given! 
  • Get into web design. I just finished taking an intro course into web design. I’ve learned to use many of the Adobe apps and GoDaddy and I’ve also taken on a project to redesign a website for a real client!
  • Branching off the previous bullet, I want to design a personal website for myself to exhibit my work on a professional level. Any advice?
  • Get outside more often. Right now I can’t because I’m the only one, out of most of my friends, that doesn’t suffer from sever allergies. But when that all calms down, I can’t wait to make daily trips to the park!
  • Write more poetry. I get very inspired by articles and books I read. I want to try and write my own inspiring words!
  • Stay connected and meet more of you. You all have been very loyal. I love chatting in the comments and getting to know you all better. Stick with me as the summer begins because there will be loads of content to blog about these next few months, and I look forward to hearing more from you!

Can’t wait to graduate and get going on this list! Let me know what you’re most excited to do this summer!

-Thxoxoxoxo, H


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