Tread Lightly

There are a couple specific personalities that everyone encounters in their lifetime. One of them is someone who takes everything too seriously. They are not keen on sarcasm nor spontaneity. They treat every decision they make with the same attitude. In light, they always have passion for what they do, but so much so that it turns into pessimism.

With that passion also comes eccentricity, which is to believe everything that occurs around you, heavily weighs on your actions, as if you control every outcome. So when things go wrong, and people are let down, a weight of responsibility rests on your shoulders. This leads to a negative mindset because of fear. Fear is what turns passion into a chore.

Don’t let thoughts of failure hold you back from enjoying life. Don’t calculate every scenario that could occur from an experience. Whatever is meant to happen will happen, no matter how you prepare yourself mentally and physically. To live in fear is the same thing as animals held in a shelter; locked up potential. Potential you will not discover if you don’t put yourself out of your comfort zone. Chicks don’t stay in their egg, they break from it in order to grow and take on their roll in life.

There is a seriousness to every action we make. But whether or not you show it to others makes a difference in how people react. When you invite guests to an event, you don’t mention the details of expenses in the invitation, as if to persuade them to attend beacuse you spent a lot, no, you cheerfully state that they are formally invited to have a good time.

The media is already harsh. There is no need to self-degrade and be hard on yourself. Mistakes happen, you live and learn. It’s not healthy to dwell on bad experiences, they cloud your judgement. Be considerate and compassionate of others, and remember to put yourself in other people’s shoes. We’ve all had rough times in our life, but there is always someone who has had it worse than you. Do them a favor and enjoy what you have in life. Be optimistic and spread positivity.

If someone treats you with respect and tries to uplift your dark vibes, don’t knock them down. They responded in such a way for a reason, and you should take advantage of the light in their step, and remove the weight off your shoulders.

Never express pessimistic thoughts for the sake of protecting yourself. Consider those who take your words to heart and therefore are affected by them. A great example of this is preventing your bias from altering one’s judgement. Say you had a bad experience, such as throwing up on a rollercoaster. If someone, who has never ridden a rollercoaster, asks for youre opinion on it, don’t scare them from riding a rollercoaster because you had a bad experience on one. This goes back to putting yourself in other’s shoes, and the approach you take in expressing your opinions. If you say you had a horrible experience and you’ll probably never do it again, then that may persuade the person you’re telling notto take part in a similar experience, which cages them from an experience they may enjoy rather than fear.

It is considerate to mention when your opinions are biased. This way people have appropriate responses. If that person knows you have a bias towards a certain roller coaster because of a bad experience, then they know not to assume the same thing could happen in any case.

The gist is, don’t be a “debby downer” and rain on other’s happiness because of your own bias. That’s like dragging your feet through life, not seeing the upsides, rather every negative thing that could come of it. Be spontaneous! Accomplish and share things you love in life with others, because you’re the key to someone’s locked potential.

-Thxoxoxoxo, H


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