Back to the Grind

Written beginning of September…

As much as I hate to think it, but summer is slipping away. It’s September and already in the lower 60s. The weather is making me want summer weather back! I miss the heat, although I know many people don’t like it, I am a summer vibe gal.
Just wrapped through my second week of grad school and I’ve already felt much different than being in undergrad. Walking around a new campus and seeing undergrads rush from class to class, I don’t feel like I’m starting fresh. Which I believe is a good thing in my case. My graduate program is one year, although intensive, I’m extremely grateful to have been accepted into my program. By this time next year I will have, hopefully, graduated with my masters, and finally move on to the next stage of my life… true, independent, adulthood!!!!

It’s hard to sit and do coursework when your friends all have jobs and don’t have to worry about homework ever again! I feel like that is the heaviest burden I can’t wait to have off my plate! I remember while I was interning at my dad’s office, I would clock out and then go home for the day and feel weird not having anything to do because “homework” wasn’t something I had to worry about completing on my own time!

I’ve gone to Starbucks more often in the past two weeks than I probably have in my whole life. I can just hear my old undergrad friends screaming “BASICCCCC” as I talk about this. They always poked at me for spending way too much time “studying” at Starbucks. I just think, look at me now, I got into a masters program and I’m feeling great, so Starbucks can’t be that bad eh? I am my most productive self when I study at Starbucks. It’s like my social hub. My friends and I go there to catch up and vent out all our issues for hours and hours (literally) over double chocolaty chip frappes and caramel macchiatos.

It’s all about atmosphere. I crave a productive environment when I plan to study. I don’t know why but it makes me so happy to see people working in public places because you know that they are working during their personal time, making the effort to leave home and get work done. Sometimes, actually a lot of times, I’ll be studying with a friend and I’ll look up to see their face so fixated on their work, that they seem to be in a different place. I just grin and think, wow my friends are great. We all have our own passions, but we all have the same goal, to understand our studies, do well and of course, finish in a timely manner. Then they catch me creeply staring at them and we both end up laughing and start talking about something totally off topic.

How school/work/college been for you since the summer?

-Thxoxoxo, H


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