100 Posts Later…

Within more than a year of having this blog, I am proud to say that I’ve made more than 100 posts!

Here are some things that have hovered in my mind from having this blog. They are things that I’ve learned, experienced, and pieces of advice from readers.

Don’t sweat about writing long posts because the people who read till the end are the ones who really relate and take your writing to heart.

It’s OK not to post regularly. If anything, when you post after a hiatus, the readers who return to see your blog are the keepers. They are your demographic.

Be genuine. Don’t edit too much. If your writing in response to an experience, write from the heart and with passion. When you read over it, don’t reconsider how you formulated your feelings. People connect with what they are comfortable with.

Please others for the right reasons.

When I first started this blog I was truly anonymous. I wanted to post without worrying about people I knew reading it. Over time I told a few of my friends and received the opposite reaction. They respect me for being open and expressing myself through my blog. I’ve met plenty of amazing bloggers through my blog.

Never regret what you write. It’s what you feel, how you want to be understood. Take advantage of your freedoms and grow from it.

Don’t give negativity the time of day. Those who bring you down are simply not worth your time. Friends make you a better person, and vice versa (hopefully), otherwise treat them with respect and move on.

Everyone has relationship issues, so don’t be afraid to talk about them.

You deserve the best. This means something different for everyone so be considerate of what other people want in life, respect them for it, and cheer them on to want even better.

Find at least one hobby, and make it a passion. For me, that is dream interpretations. No matter what other people are interested in,

it’s attractive to be passionate.

Approach everything with optimism, no matter how much you want to think otherwise. Keeping a clear and open mindset will set you up for a happier future.

Family comes first, no matter how you define it.

You are an average makeup of the 3 people you spend most of your time with. So surround yourself with those who lift you up, not people who beat you down.

Don’t ask “How are you?” if you don’t really want to hear the response. Small talk is the key to starting off any conversation.

Put yourself in their shoes before judging them for their choices.

Make the most of any situation, whether or not you feel up to it, later on, you’ll want to look back on the happy moments with pride rather than the temptation of regret.

“Don’t let your struggle become your identity.”

Share your favorite quote! How long have you been visiting my blog? What have you enjoyed about it?

-Thxoxoxo, H


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