Coffee Date #22

Let me tell you…This is my last week of classes before finals week! I am a bit stressed out, as everyone is this time of year. But the thing that is pulling me through is Christmas! It’s a bit ironic how this combination occurs. Students are anxious and preparing for the end of their semester, and meanwhile the cheer and positive vibes of hope from Christmas season come into full swing.

I sit at a small table in my piano room that faces my Christmas tree and study. Every time I look up I am humbled by the warm glow of the Christmas tree with the manger underneath.

It is a wonderful time of the year. There is ice skating, food festivals and Christmas expos. I’ve been creating a list of things I want to do after the semester ends…

-Continue searching for summer internships.

-Email my undergrad professors and catch up with them.

-Meet up with my voice coach from undergrad over coffee.

-Buy gifts for my family and best friends.

-Catch up on reading (I’ll make a separate post for my winter book bucket list).

-Get rid of all the clutter in my room and donate even more clothes from my closet.

-Try the iBotta app (let me know if you’ve tried it).

-Write/send Christmas cards.

-Try new Christmas recipes and hopefully post them here!

-Skype/Facetime my cousins I haven’t seen in a while and chat.

-Do a good deed every week (any ideas?).

-Catch up on watching these shows: Lucifer (Fox), The Good Doctor, Death Note, Stranger Things.

So much to do, I can’t wait! I’ve recently made a new friend who is so lovely, and she will be in town during Christmas, so I’m looking forward to spending some time with her.

Besides what I am hoping to do this winter break, this semester at grad school has been great. I’ve made a bunch of new friends, and grown closer to my friends at church and friends from childhood. I’ve been kept busy by my studies and my young adult group at church. Hopefully break will treat me well with some sleep and wonderful memories.

How have you all been? Let’s reconnect! Tell me about how your winter has been? Did you celebrate Thanksgiving? Any Black Friday shopping?

-Thxoxoxoxoxo, H


7 thoughts on “Coffee Date #22

  1. gmmrs says:

    Inspiring place for you to study! Hey happy belated Thanksgiving! I did try the Ibotta app when it came out and I thought it was a bit of a chore to use and didn’t get much out of it so I got rid of it. Not sure how its changed due to the updates. Easy I think to do a good deed every week around the holidays. From volunteering at a food kitchen to helping out local holiday events to spreading cheer at nursing home and all. The trick is continuing that past the holidays when people settle back into a normal routine and tend to forget that people still need that Christmas cheer throughout the year. My deed I’m doing in the next week will be donating clothes to Goodwill. I am glad that your semester is going so well! I’m not a big Thanksgiving person as far as the food as I don’t like a lot of the traditional dishes. At least I didn’t have to work on that day for the 2nd year in a row. I did do a lot of Black Friday shopping and was questioning the relevance of Cyber Monday because I found many of the same deals that were in store online on Friday. First time ever that I’m pretty much done with my Christmas shopping before December!

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    • justgeeklyfab says:

      Hi! I’ll keep what you mentioned about iBotta in mind when I try it. Yes I also donate clothes to Goodwill, that’s the easiest thing my family does year round. Christmas cheer and hope is essential to maintaining all year, it is difficult to do so, but rewarding!
      Congrats on getting all your Christmas shopping done! I also found that the deals are similar on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
      I love Thanksgiving! My favorite dish is green been casserole. Second to that is mashed potatoes, corn bread, ham and gravy! I love pumpkin bread. Someone brought pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing to our Thanksgiving feast this year, and it was mouthwatering!!
      You’re lucky you were off again this year! My cousin in Boston is always put to work on Thanksgiving because she’s technically not American, so they assume she doesn’t care to celebrate. I don’t think that’s very fair because she always wants to come visit my family and celebrate with us 😦


  2. gmmrs says:

    That’s terrible that that would play in the decision making of who works holidays. Just because your cousin isn’t technically American, she can’t get the day off? Give me a break, I hate hearing that. I hate exclusionary tactics like that. Sheesh. For us its random who gets off or works holidays. I get to work Christmas and New Year’s, hooray me haha. I’m glad you enjoyed that food…I think I’d eat the ham out of that spread. I’m so picky, I am not a good Thanksgiving guest haha 🙂

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    • justgeeklyfab says:

      I know right. I’m sure that’s not the soul reason, but that’s what we think. She gathers all her time off to go to Lebanon for two weeks in January.
      You are a picky eater! Hahaha that’s ok. What’s you favorite food?


      • gmmrs says:

        I love taking time off in January too! At least she has a nice destination to go to. Are you going back to Lebanon anytime soon? I like a lot of things but I don’t like a lot of things too. I mean I’ll eat turkey fine. But then the problems start after when it comes to sides. I’ll do macaroni and cheese and a roll which is what I had at Thanksgiving and some apple pie. But its hard to find others in my life of going to Thanksgiving that had that. So making it on my own is the way I like to go haha or going out to a restaurant.

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      • justgeeklyfab says:

        I’m sadly not going home to Lebanon soon 😦 My master’s program is a year long. I’ll hopefully be done by end of next Aug.
        Mac and cheese is so good! Yeah you can never go wrong with apple pie, or any pie for that matter!

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