Lent Log: Day 1, Ash Monday

Hello lovely people. It’s February 12th, happy Lent! This year for Lent I am aiming to accomplish several things. First off, I am part of a book club with my church’s young adult group. We are reading The Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri Nowen. For Lent I want to finish reading the book but also read it with conviction and really understand the concepts.

Second thing I am doing is fasting every day until noon. No food, only water! Today was the first day I fasted and I felt pretty good about it. Although I did feel a bit moody, I realized that and kept to myself. I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by being sassy.

My biggest worry about fasting is not having coffee in the morning. My morning coffee is what gets me through my morning classes without falling asleep. But, as my friend, and fellow blogger Love, Lilah said very well today,

“The Lord will sustain me!!!!!! I don’t need coffee!!!!”

She is giving up coffee for Lent this year. That is extremely ambitious, and I can’t wait to read about her Lent journey on her blog. Feel free to check it out as well!

But today I wasn’t tired during class, which was unexpected. It’s probably because it’s Monday, and got a lot of rest the night before. Plus, I didn’t have coffee Sunday morning since my family and I went to mass. So my body was already kinda off caffeine.

The last thing I am trying to do for Lent is 40 days, 40 calls. I got this idea off a simple Google search. I am making a phone call to someone who is important to me and telling them about what I’m doing for Lent, and then carrying on the conversation to them and asking them what they are doing for Lent. I love to chat on the phone anyways, so I figured this is a clever way for me to talk to people about their faith in a relevant and laid back form.

What are you doing for Lent? What have you done in the past that you enjoyed, or didn’t, hahaha. Share your experience in the comments! Let’s remember that

We are dust, and to dust we shall return…

-Thxoxoxoxo, H


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