Lent Log: Day 2

Second day of Lent, done! Fasting this morning was easier than I anticipated. I better not have jinxed it now, knock on wood for me! I wasn’t tired in class, but I was hungry by the time it was over. When I don’t think about my appetite then the hunger goes away.

You know how I mentioned I would call a person every day for Lent? Today I called my parish priest. In Arabic we call him Abouna which translates to Father. So, I had already told him about my intentions for lent. One of his is to quit smoking. He told me that today he only had 6 cigarettes instead of his usual 22-25! Round of applause for Abouna! I pray that the rest of Lent goes just as well and even better than today.

Sadly today book club was canceled 😦 but that only gives me more time to really dig deep into the reading and enjoy it. Henri Nowen is one of the most relatable authors I’ve ever encountered. And it’s even more touching that he is a Catholic. Here is a snippet of his work that really stuck with me. When he writes about the elder son, he connects to the character on a personal level saying,

The obedient and dutiful life of which I am proud or for which I am praised feels, sometimes, like a burden that was laid on my shoulders and continues to oppress me, even when o have accepted it to such a degree that I cannot throw off.

I’ve wrote several posts in the past about the mold my upbringing has tried to shape me. Nowen’s analysis of the elder son in the parable of the Prodigal Son is frighteningly similar to my life. It’s opened my mind. I should have been more present in my life while I felt the bubble suffocating me. As if reading my mind Nowen writes,

I stayed at home and didn’t wander off, but I had not yet lived a free life in my fathers house. My anger and envy showed me my own bondage.

Envy and resentment shouldn’t hold us back from enjoying what we have.

This book continues to surprise me. I don’t usually reach for religious books besides the Bible of course 😊 after finishing this book I’d like to read material similar to it. If you have any suggestions, please share in the comments. And let me know how your Lent is going!

Thxoxoxoxo, H


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